About Time (2013)

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One of movies’ greatest effects doesn’t happen when they are complex, thought-provoking, or original. It is when they are entertaining, and when you are looking for (/need) that. You are looking for the cliché and the accessible, something to put on and not think much, and if the movie delivers that, the outcome is beautiful. The genius of …

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Enough Said (2013)

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Enough Said is a realistically sweet movie that handles serious emotions without compromising its comedic chops. It portrays the difficulties and doubts that come with post-divorce relations in a somewhat goofy and original way. James Gandolfini is impeccably wonderful in his last lead role, and joined by Julia Louis-Dreyfus they generate exquisite chemistry right from their first …

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Submarine (2011)

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Awkward. That is how Oliver Tate can be described, and generally the whole movie. But it is professionally and scrutinizingly awkward. Submarine is a realistic teen comedy, one that makes sense and in which not everyone looks gorgeous and pretends to have a tough time. It is hilarious and sad, dark and touching. It is awesome …

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Goon (2012)

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Goon is funny, violent, and sweet as hell. You’ll be surprised by how nasty it is but you will not care. What you will want to do, on the other hand, is rip through the screen, hug the main character and smack all the other ones. Goon is also a great example of a feel-good movie that isn’t solely focused …

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In The Loop (2009)

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A hilarious comedy about politics in the UK and US. The secretary of State for Internal Development Simon Foster accidentally backs the plans for a war in the Middle East and suddenly finds he has a lot of friends in Washington. What follows is a difficult to follow maneuvering of pro- and antiwar factions in …

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Frank (2014)

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A really wierd and also heartwarming movie about Frank, the leader and singer/songwriter of a crazy band. He really grows on you with his big head. If you like movies with that funky edge (like Scott Pilgrim) this is especially something for you! Either way and regardless of your preferences, you’ll find Frank to be a sweet, …

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The Great Beauty (La Grande Bellezza) (2013)

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A critical favorite and award-show sweeper, the Great Beauty celebrates the sheer decadence of Italian cinema and the Italian capitol, Rome in a tour de force of luxury and gorgeousness. Following an aging bon vivant and Roman socialite who squandered a youth of artistic promise for the simple pleasures of being, the film is a …

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Ruby Sparks (2012)

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Calvin Weir-Fields (Paul Dano), a young and promising novelist imagines and writes about his idea of a prefect female companion. Somehow, his words manifest into reality – the beautiful and corky Ruby Sparks (Zoe Kazan). Soon, however, his magical love turns shallow as his creation begins to think for herself and wrestle against her creation. This …

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Beautiful Girls (1996)

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With an ensemble cast featuring a young Natalie Portman and a less murderous Uma Thurman, Ted Demme’s “Beautiful Girls” recreates the worries and woes that thrive in the minds of a tight knit group of working class friends stuck in their own small town Massachusetts world. Warm, quirky and filled with champagne diamonds, both metaphorical …

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