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A Separation 2011 / A delicate Iranian drama that serves as the perfect introduction to the rich film culture of Iran

agoodmovietowatch Staff

Winner of an Oscar and a Golden Globe among endless accolades, A Separation is a movie about an Iranian couple faced with the decision of leaving the country for better opportunities or staying to take care of a sick parent. If you’ve ever been curious about the humans of Iran beyond the politics, and by cultural extension, humans of Middle-Eastern countries, watch A Separation. But hold it, “An interesting foreign movie” is not how A Separation should be viewed (it’s not Slumdog Millionaire). A Separation is delicate, complex, and no one is truly a bad guy: it perfectly depicts the delicate interaction between high moral standards and the realities of underdevelopment in the Muslim world: how many bad people are only good people running out of options.


    Watching this movie made me appreciate foreign cinema. I didn't even notice the time passing, so hard to agree with anyone calling this movie slow. 1 person liked this review.


    It can be slow at times but it's still a great movie. It's different from other things you could watch 0 people liked this review.

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