11 Best Streaming Services for Experimental Movies

With the internet democratizing nearly everything these days, experimental films shouldn't be that hard to find. And yet, they still are. They're here, to be sure, just buried under a plethora of blockbusters and more straightforward, conventional, and (dare I say) boring fare.

If you're seeking the unique thrill that only rule-breaking arthouse gems can offer, then this list is for you. Below, we've rounded up the best streaming services that house experimental films.

Netflix is here because, despite all the schlock, it redeems itself by taking on risque films like I'm Thinking of Ending Things. But we've also made sure to include more niche services like Dark Matter TV and Arrow Player. Read on to see the other edgy platforms that made it to our list.

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Arrow is a streaming service for cult cinema, with a particular focus on horror and classics. If you love niche films and hidden gems, then this is for you. You'll also appreciate Arrow Player if you're into hand-picked content as it boasts a highly curated and carefully refined selection of titles. 

Quentin Tarantino has recommended the service a few times!

Price: $4.99/month

Free Trial: 30 days

Device availability: Amazon Fire TV, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox One

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