12 Best Tubi Alternatives Right Now

As far as free streaming services go, it would seem as if Tubi is in a league of its own. Often cited as the best of its kind, Tubi gives you access to thousands of films and TV shows, a couple of them originals, and it has a relatively smooth interface that meshes well with whatever streaming device you have. Perhaps the only downside to it is the selection of titles, which, while unbeatable in quantity, might not speak to every user in terms of quality. 

Maybe you prefer comedies over everything else, in which case, NBC's Peacock or Amazon's Freevee might be better alternatives for you. Or maybe you want more access to specialty and genre films—if you do, then you have a world to discover in services like Cineverse and Kino Cult. And if you're partial to the high-brow films found in streamers like The Criterion Channel, then Kanopy might be the one you're looking for. This is all to say that Tubi isn't the only option out there if you're trying to stream at a bargain. Below, we list the best streaming alternatives to Tubi you can check out right now.

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