DirecTV Stream vs Frndly TV: which is better?

Updated June 29, 2022 • Staff

When it comes to TV streaming services, the options are seemingly endless. DirecTV Stream is a popular choice as it offers some of the most in-demand channels out there, but you may have also heard of Frndly TV, which prides itself on being the more family-friendly option for cord-cutters. 

But aside from the kind of content you're getting, there are other details to factor in as well. How much does each service cost, for example? What specific channels do they offer? What devices are they available on? Do they have free trials? Below, we go through all that and more to help you make the best possible choice. 

Why get ?

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Why get Frndly TV?

Frndly is one of the cheapest Live TV streaming services out there, so if there is a chance you're only interested in the channels it offers (such as Hallmark), go for it. However, if you like more options and are willing to pay more, there are streaming services with many (many!) more options.

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Trial: does not offer a trial

does not offer a free trial.

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Trial: Frndly TV offers a trial

Frndly TV has a trial. The trial duration is 7 days.

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