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Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father 2008 / A transfixing documentary that will likely change you forever

Brooke Satterfield

You will not come out of this movie the same person you were going into it. Get ready to cry your eyes out, scream in anger, and rejoice that such a powerful love can exist in our world. DO NOT READ ANY SPOILERS OR SUMMARIES BEFORE VIEWING! This loving documentary about the father of a young boy is one of the best movies of this decade.

    juana doe

    It will ruin you forever but you have to watch it. The best documentary ever made, full of heart, love and sorrow. 7 people liked this review.


    Honestly a great movie. I can't say anything without spoiling it but you never really know where the movie is going next. 65 people liked this review.


    I thought I was one of those people that never cry until I watched this movie. I think everyone should watch it, but no one should rewatch it. But yeah, EVERYONE should watch it. 35 people liked this review.


    Kurt Kuenne stuck with 4:3 aspect ratio which was a great choice since all his old material has it. It really blends in and at some point you forget what was filmed 20 years ago and what was filmed around the millennium. Pay attention to the way it was edited and paced. For me, those aspects make this documentary so outstanding. Last but not least, the way he uses sound to underline a statement or a scene is remarkable. 2 people liked this review.

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