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Exit Through The Gift Shop 2010 / Available On Streaming Rental or Purchase

Hugo Bernard

What happens when Banksy, one of the most famous ambassadors of street art, meets Mr. Brainwash, an egocentric aspiring French artist? Well, one of the funniest, interesting and exciting documentaries ever made about art, commercialism and the apparent gulf between them. But is it really a documentary? This confident and zany film will leave you guessing.



‘Exit through the gift shop’ is one of those documentaries that does not feel like one at all. I initially started this movie to know more about Banksy, but as it turns out the real star in this is Mr. Brainwash – a weird and amateur videographer who accidentally gets involved with the world of street art in LA. His eccentricities would keep you laughing through-out the movie and at the end you would find yourself with more questions about the characters than before. A good recommendation for anyone (artist or otherwise).

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