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Her is a movie with plenty of heart, in all its variations: love, sadness, hope and confusion. Through perfectly crafted production, the futuristic surroundings where the movie takes place will feel familiar only few minutes after it begins. This added to the amazing performance by Joaquin Phoenix delivers an unprecedented study of moving on from relationships that once seemed to last forever on one hand, and of the pursuit of intellectual love on the other.

Her is thought-provoking in the most beautiful way possible, it narrates a relatable human being’s story. It is one of those movies you will keep remembering every once and a while in different contexts of your life.

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Maybe I’m being unfair…
I’m a lazy guy that loves movies and series and I’m Ok with only rating movies… but this… this was one of the most boring, most romance-bait, most depressing movies I’ve seen in a while… I gave it one star and I was motivated enough to write something… because it has an obnoxious 4.3 score and it doesn’t deserve that!
But hey, maybe I’m being unfair.


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