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Apple TV+ Simultaneous Streams in 2023

By Staff• Edited by Lisa Holden • Updated Jun 08, 2023

Streaming platforms produce loads of top-quality original content and make sure to have premium third-party movies and TV shows. The competition is fierce, so additional features also become very important. In terms of value, it’s hard to find a more vital feature than simultaneous streams. So, how does Apple TV+ compare to its competitors in this department?

It’s what we focus on in this article as we explain all details of Apple TV+ simultaneous stream service. You’ll discover the number of streams available, the devices supported, and how to begin using this function!

How Many Simultaneous Streams Come With Apple TV+?

It’s a great surprise to see that Apple TV+ offers six simultaneous streams. That’s an impressive number and exactly two times more than the expected industry standard. Most platforms support watching on three different devices at the same time, such as YouTube TV. Hulu + Live TV even doesn’t reach that standard, with two simultaneous streams supported.

Netflix is close to Apple TV+ with up to four simultaneous streams, but the platform requires a more expensive package to use the most of this feature. You can learn more in our Apple TV+ vs. Netflix comparison.

However, one thing is certain – Apple TV+ is generous toward its customers. You get up to six simultaneous streams at no extra cost. All that’s necessary is to pay for the basic subscription, which is one of the most affordable in the streaming service market.

How To Use Apple TV+ Simultaneous Streams

Here’s another great thing – you don’t have to share credentials to use Apple TV+ simultaneous streams. The platform works via the Family link-sharing option from your Apple ID.

Let’s see an example – you are the owner that purchased the Apple TV+ subscription with your default Apple ID. You can now add up to five other Apple ID users to your inner family circle. You do this by entering the email address or username that the person uses on Apple devices. So, yes, it’s necessary for the other party to register for an Apple ID. But hey, that’s free, so it shouldn’t be much hassle. You can visit Apple’s official site to create an account.

After entering their email and confirming it, the system sends a link to that user. They need to click that link to join their family circle. From there, they can use their credentials to enjoy what Apple TV+ has to offer.

The only trick is that there’s a limit to how often you can change families. It’s only possible to change the circle once a year to minimize fraud. Also, a single user can’t be a part of two families. That’s great because you won’t waste a spot in two different co-subscribing schemes.

Can You Upgrade Apple TV+ To Get More Streams?

It’s not possible to upgrade Apple TV+ for additional simultaneous streams. And why would you even need that? Six streams should be enough to cover your closest family and friends. And if there’s a requirement for extra streams, you can get someone else to subscribe. The price of the entire platform is incredibly affordable.

Can I Download Movies And TV Shows To Watch Offline On Apple TV+?

Apple TV+ allows downloading content from the platform and watching it online. The trick, however, is that this is only possible from Apple devices. That means you need to use Mac, Apple TV, iPad, or iPhone to have this option available.

The premise is simple – you use the Apple TV app and choose the Apple TV+ area. From here, you can browse the available titles. After you find the one to watch offline, click on download, and the device will save it. You can access it at any point from there. We only suggest having a Wi-Fi connection when downloading, especially if you have limited data use packages on your mobile networks.

Which Devices Does Apple TV+ Support?

Apple TV+ has excellent device support, which isn’t surprising considering the large corporation behind the service. The developers did an amazing job and made the app available on various devices, including:

  • Smart TVs – These range from Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV to Sony, Panasonic, and other smart devices
  • Streaming media players – Apart from Apple TV, you can also install the app on Roku and Fire TV Stick
  • Gaming consoles – Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4
  • Mobile devices – All Apple devices are supported, ranging from iPads to iOS phones and iPods

You can also watch Apple TV+ on desktop browsers on your laptops and computers, as well as Android devices.

Do I Have To Use Apple TV+ On Apple TV?

Nobody forces you to have or watch Apple TV+ if you have an Apple TV installed. Furthermore, you’ll find many other streaming services on Apple TV to fit your preference. Whether you are a sports, movie, or news and reality TV fan, you can enjoy everything from VOD platforms to live TV services.

The general rule is to pick the desired service and install its app on Apple TV. You can choose from reputable names like Max, Sling, or Philo. The apps are free and work flawlessly on this device.

Our Takeaway: Apple TV+ Offers Excellent Value For Simultaneous Streams

With six simultaneous streams in the default subscription package, you’ll find Apple TV+ is incredibly generous toward its users. Add the fact that the subscription is actually affordable, and you have the convenient option of Family link sharing to monitor who’s using the other streams available. There’s no need to share credentials, which minimizes the risk of misuse.

Apple TV+ offers loads of original and amazing content for its users. Some examples include Bad Sisters, For All Mankind, Little America, and so on. Although it doesn’t have the largest content library, all titles are well-curated, making the platform worth trying!

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