The Hunt (2013)

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Once again, Mads Mikkelsen gives us an unforgettable performance in this Danish thriller. Lucas is a new teacher in a small town. He is just starting a new life after a divorce and the loss of his last job. One day, a child from the class he is teaching accuses him of an unforgivable act. The lie will spread throughout the small community and will tear Lucas’ life apart. The Hunt, or “Jagten” in its original version, is one of those rare thrillers that will haunt you for days, and make you question everything in its aftermath. Extraordinary!

Review by Laurine.

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ajay a
ajay a

This is a really good movie pointing out the harsh realities of life, How easily a friend can turn into a foe.
Indeed a thought-provoking film and to be honest is hard to go through.


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