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This movie is about Tim Lake who discovers that men in their family can time travel but can’t change history, only their own lives. He uses this special ability to achieve the future that he envisioned. As one would imagine, there are a lot of what-ifs and cerebral moments in this movie. Great performance by the cast especially the lead roles (Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson). It’ll make you laugh, cry, and fall in love. It will make you realize how important time is in our life and the consequences of every action we take. It’s an amazing romcom movie. It gave me a movie hangover! The genius of About Time is that it is enjoyable yet at the same time offers an engaging story, and takes on interesting ideas. The phrase “pleasure to watch” may not apply to a movie more than it does for About Time, and I’m happy to say that it is way more than just that.


    Because I loved the movie, a very much biased review: It's lovely!! I want to travel through this movie again and again. Important messages to go back with, from this movie - can't wait to give life to the ideas I formed during the movie. Reminds us how we live every moment so well. This movie is very naturally developed, in time. A good rhythm, beautiful dialogues, and satisfying shots. 3 people liked this review.


    It is true that this is a romantic comedy - but I still want to argue that it manages to surprise the viewer with its wit and depth. The leads manage to bring the warmth we hope for when watching such a movie, but Bill Nighy as the strange and ever-present father brings an unexpected humour that I think most of us with older parents will recognize. The relationships are realisticly clumsy and awkward, but it never feels forced or done for comedic effect only. A gem of a movie with a pretty great score to match! 1 person liked this review.


    I love this website and I usually pick up movies here without reading too much the description, as this has the "Best Film" badge as well as 92% staff vouch. But I really suggest you look further into what kind of movie this is before watching it - cause it's really a cheesy, nothing-needs-to-be-questioned romcom with cardboard-cut characters, Hughgrant-ish protagonist chasing (and getting, as the protagonist is entitled to everything) a baby-producing manic pixie dream girl, where all happiness is derived from marriage and babymaking, and the only half interesting character is of course the one who needs saving. I'm not saying this movie does not belong here (it doesn't anyway), but be very careful because you really need a very very light mind to watch it. Also don't watch it -2 people liked this review.

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