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Donnie Darko is a cult film by director Richard Kelly, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s about the troubled teenager Donnie who lives in a suburb and suddenly faces a person in a giant rabbit costume who tells him that the world is going to end in 28 days. If that didn’t make sense to you, don’t worry – it’s not about making sense. The film is a gorgeous exploration of a bizarre chain of events, a deep rabbit-hole of meaning and expression, fate and acceptance that practically begs for a second, third, or fourth watching.

Review by Jonfen.

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It is difficult to describe. for the film as is, the movie description pretty much sums it up. But there is more to the movie than what is shown.
This movie is funny, insightful, it makes you look at what you value and tries to make you reevaluate things. It is a very strange film.
It is a classic, and I would highly recommend anyone watching it. Specially if you like Stranger Things, sci-fi movies, or complex plots that lead to no where until you watch it again.


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