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From the company Backlight, Zype is an all-around global streaming platform creator. Through the service, content distributors can create full-scale streaming websites, applications, channels, and programs to showcase their videos globally. The service allows users to maximize their profits through data analytics and hybrid monetization plans, including ads, subscriptions, and transactions. The developer-friendly APIs allow users to completely customize the platforms they create. While the exact prices aren’t available, pricing plans vary based on integrations with social media, third-party user authentications, and available consumer metadata. Users can also request a demo for the service.

Yamdu brings the film pre-production stage to the digitized future. Like other digital pre-production tools, Yamdu is a handy cloud-based application that consolidates all files from different parts of the production, ensuring a streamlined workflow. The tool has basic features such as script imports, breakdowns, shooting schedules, day out of days, call sheets, file sharing, comments, and announcements. Producers can keep all files safe through its Azure-powered, GDPR-compliant servers, as well as its watermarking, tracking, and advanced permissions. However, its standout feature is its integration not just with several screenplay writing apps such as Final Draft and Celtx, but also with standard calendar and team communication tools and other pre-production software like Movie Magic. As such, Yamdu is a pre-production tool that adapts to multiple users using multiple systems.

From Spanish-based Optiva Media, XStream is a quick and easy solution for linear TV channels and video-on-demand platforms. Through the service, content distributors and TV broadcasters can build seamless platform applications from scratch or improve upon already existing ones that match their business model and customers’ needs. Like other platforms, they do video-on-demand, but XStream also creates platforms for broadcasters with multiple live TV channels. XStream creates platforms viewable on multiple types of devices, including websites, mobile, TV, and gaming console applications, due to its wide tech stack. Distributors can contact Optiva Media for details on pricing plans.

WriterDuet is the first real-time collaborative screenwriting tool, providing fluidity across devices, automatic cloud save, line-by-line comments, and even text and video chat between users while on the screenplay. The software offers a comprehensive set of features for different stages in the writing process. Formatting options and script analysis tools guide the user through industry writing standards. On top of this, the software’s infinite version history and external backups safeguard the script from data loss.

Wowza is a video platform creator that works for both live streaming and video on-demand. For people with coding knowledge, as well as bigger businesses who already have a coding department, Wowza is a good choice for video hosting, since the service can be fully customizable via Wowza’s builder-focused API. Users concerned with video quality can rely on the service’s global content delivery network to showcase videos at a good quality, adjusting to their viewer’s screens with adaptive bit-rate streaming. Users can host their videos on cloud-based services like most other platforms, but they also offer on-premise and hybrid hosting. Available pricing plans offer pay-as-you-go and one-time streaming options, but businesses with a wider content library and/or larger audiences can request for a custom plan through the site.

Wipster is a videography review application that makes online collaboration and approval easier for teams worldwide. On the platform, users can upload their videos and share them with stakeholders without additional cost. Reviewers can place their comments, which, unlike other video collaboration tools, can be pinpointed on a single frame. These comments turn into tasks for editors to easily use to track their progress. Editors using Adobe products can view these comments on their interface through Wipster’s helpful extension. Once changes are made, reviewers can view them through a side-by-side comparison of the shots. When everyone is satisfied with the changes, users can easily upload their work through Wipster’s direct publishing to Vimeo and other video and social media platforms.

Calling itself Hollywood’s #1 script coverage service, WeScreenplay promises fast and affordable script coverage, with a turnaround time of at most 72 hours. After submitting a script, the coverage received will be detailed, thorough, and specific for each format, whether it is made for a feature, a short, or a pilot for a TV show. The scores received from the coverage also qualify for other sites like Coverfly. For writers wanting to see the quality of feedback, the service offers a free first impression for the first page of a screenplay. And once the script is finished, the site offers services like treatment and pitch coverage focused on helping writers sell the script to filmmakers.

Singapore-based Vuulr is a marketplace for film and TV rights, from SVOD to In-Flight entertainment. Once approved, buyers can scroll through a sleek interface and filter by geography, type of license, and more. Once the buyer sets their eyes on a few films, they reach out to the seller with an offer. The seller then accepts or refuses.

For sellers, Vuulr offers the opportunity to easily put up their catalog and get offers from around the world.

VPlayed is a self-hosted streaming platform meant for broadcasting and content distribution. Individuals and businesses can use the service to create their own OTT platforms, including video on demand, live streaming, and white-label video platforms. The service is 100% customizable, so the service can adjust to any type of content, including broadcasting, education, religion, sports, entertainment, and of course, film. The site hosts the content via end-to-end encryptions, so that content can be protected against piracy. The service also has flexible monetization plans, meaning content hosters can earn money through subscriptions, pay-per-view, and/or advertising. However, because of the customizable plans, pricing for users depends on the user’s platform requirements.

If you want to run the same tech stack as the prestigious Criterion Collection, you’ll have to talk to Vimeo OTT. They offer web as well as smart TV apps for competitive prices, but there is a catch: there are very limited changes you can make to the interface. On the flipside, you will get access to Vimeo’s strong infrastructure, so forget about lag or technical issues with your streaming partner. You can subscribe either to a monthly fee calculated on how many users you have (starting at $1/month/user but with limited bandwidth), or you can subscribe with a fixed fee. The smart TV apps also come at an additional one-time cost (about $6,000 each when last contacted).

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