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VPlayed is a self-hosted streaming platform meant for broadcasting and content distribution. Individuals and businesses can use the service to create their own OTT platforms, including video on demand, live streaming, and white-label video platforms. The service is 100% customizable, so the service can adjust to any type of content, including broadcasting, education, religion, sports, entertainment, and of course, film. The site hosts the content via end-to-end encryptions, so that content can be protected against piracy. The service also has flexible monetization plans, meaning content hosters can earn money through subscriptions, pay-per-view, and/or advertising. However, because of the customizable plans, pricing for users depends on the user’s platform requirements.

If you want to run the same tech stack as the prestigious Criterion Collection, you’ll have to talk to Vimeo OTT. They offer web as well as smart TV apps for competitive prices, but there is a catch: there are very limited changes you can make to the interface. On the flipside, you will get access to Vimeo’s strong infrastructure, so forget about lag or technical issues with your streaming partner. You can subscribe either to a monthly fee calculated on how many users you have (starting at $1/month/user but with limited bandwidth), or you can subscribe with a fixed fee. The smart TV apps also come at an additional one-time cost (about $6,000 each when last contacted).

Vidyard is an on-demand video platform creator specializing in sales and marketing. This online video platform was created for businesses to increase leads, speed up the sales pipeline, and market their products through its handy CRM integrations. Business can upload their content through Vidyard hosting, and manage their videos in a central home base, where they can create webpages for certain collections. Users can also rely on the site’s AI in creating sales scripts. Pricing plans vary per video length, number of videos, and folder organization options, but users can start for free if their content isn’t extensive. Because of this, Vidyard is best suited for film marketers.

For video content, Vidizmo offers two solutions. In the United States, Vidizmo is known for its digital evidence management solution for law enforcement, however, they also offer a YouTube-like platform service called EnterpriseTube. Through EnterpriseTube, content distributors can manage their video library via a white-label video platform and allow viewers to stream their content securely around the world. This content can include video-on-demand or live-streamed events. Currently, there are three pricing plans available on the website, which differ between the number of authorized users, moderators, contributors, and size of content, but studios with extensive libraries should contact the site directly.

Videvo is an online digital asset collection primarily dedicated to royalty-free stock footage. With over 1 million clips, including motion graphics, Premiere Pro and After Effects templates, and music and sound effects, users can find the footage that they need for their projects. The team behind the site ensures that the clips in the selection are high quality, with at least 1080 HD resolution, with premium content all coming from trusted providers. Creators with one-time projects can use the site’s free content with a Creative Commons license, but those who want to use the site’s premium content can subscribe to a premium subscription. The plans vary depending on the number of clips downloaded.

VEGAS Pro is a popular video editing software used for some of cinema’s biggest franchises, like The Lord of the Rings and Spider-Man. The application used to be developed by Sony Creative Software, which is why it is colloquially known as Sony Vegas. Originally designed for audio, VEGAS Pro is known for its non-linear video editing features—offering a range of tools suited for different types of footage. Advanced audio editing, multi-cam support, and excellent immersive chroma key make this application suitable for special effects. Full-featured and powerful, Vegas Pro is an excellent video editor that creates stunning visuals with ease.

Uscreen is a distribution platform for creators specializing in video content. For filmmakers who are also online personalities or who work with them, Uscreen is an all-in-one space designed to find and keep your audience. Through their secure platform, creators can upload their existing video catalog and organize their content into playlists. They can then choose between different pricing plans and marketing tools that would best promote their content. Once chosen, Uscreen ensures easy discovery and longer watch times through its intuitive interface that’s similar to the Netflix homepage. Fans of the work can be reminded of new content as well as live-streaming schedules through in-app notifications. Creators can then take advantage of the back-end dashboard, analytics, and integrations with other marketing sites to determine what their audience wants to see more of.

Whether you’re a producer needing advice on intellectual property, or you’re a cast or crew member looking to negotiate your contract, filmmakers occasionally need legal advice. UpCounsel is an online marketplace that connects its users with its network of experienced lawyers. Through the site, users can find and compare transparent legal proposals from independent lawyers, to choose the closest match based on business needs and budget. The online service also securely handles information, documents and payments between lawyers and users to ease the process for both parties. Users can start viewing bids for free, though payment varies depending on the service and lawyers selected.

Best known as an indie game development engine, Unity has also been used for industries outside of gaming, including film and TV. This is because Unity can create 2D and 3D computer graphics guided by code, which is needed for every video game. Unity can create and simulate different characters in any design language, as well as create immersive environments where these characters can move in with Unity’s artistic tools. Students, individuals and small organizations that earn less than $100K revenue yearly can opt for the free Unity Personal Plan, but bigger scale organizations can choose between Unity’s Pro, Industry, and Enterprise plans.

Ulysses is a writing application designed to create a distraction-free experience on the Apple system. Like Scrivener, it’s an all-around writing application suited for different long-form projects like articles, books, and screenplays, but with a more minimalist interface. This interface offers various features, such as its Markdown formatting support and document management tools—which can be kept out of the way when you just need a clean view of your work. The application also keeps writers on task with its writing goal feature and keeps ideas organized through its sidebar.

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