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U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card is a cashback credit card offered by U.S. Bank. Each time the card is used, card members can earn up to 5% cashback on prepaid travel, movie theater tickets, and streaming services, as well as 2% cashback on everyday purchases. The card has no annual fee. For the first 15 billing cycles, cardholders have a low introductory APR. New card members can earn a $200 bonus once they spend $1,000 on eligible purchases within 120 days. This card might be a good fit for moviegoers and filmmakers with an existing U.S. Bank account.

The Mandy Network is the largest professional network website dedicated to the entertainment industry. Like LinkedIn, users can create a professional profile, job alerts, and establish and maintain connections. On top of this, users can audition through the site via the self-tape feature and create their personal website to build an online presence. The network is known for connecting all kinds of performers – from actors, singers, dancers, entertainers, and other talent – but the site also connects production staff and crew members from film, TV, theatre, and music. Mandy has been trusted by 3.29 million creatives around the globe, with close to 300,000 employers and casting directors relying on the site to find people for their next project.

Launched in 2005, The Black List is the online screenwriting website that connects writers with industry professionals, and is known for its annual survey of the most liked screenplays that haven't been produced. Writers have flocked to the site for its script evaluation service, where they can submit finished screenplays to gain valuable feedback from professional readers (with the option to submit anonymously). At the same time, producers rely on the service to find fresh and compelling stories that they can turn into films or shows. With many scripts from the site having been turned into prominent titles, The Black List has become an essential resource for writers breaking into the film industry.

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Sun Seeker is a mobile application that turns a mobile phone into a sun tracker and compass. Through the application, cinematographers can track sunrise and sunset times, as well as the sun’s position and solar path, from anywhere on Earth. The application does this through GPS, magnetometer, and gyroscope, so its accuracy depends on calibration prior to use as well as ensuring it is far from metal or electrical equipment. The software has a flat compass and 3D view to calculate sun exposure, equinox, solstice paths, and twilight times. Users can also opt to have notifications for specific sun events. Using this data, filmmakers can plan shoots based on their desired natural lighting.

StudioBinder is the world’s leading production management software for video and film media. Clear, sleek, and comprehensive, the tool brings organization to a production’s workflow. The feature-rich software offers customizable solutions such as call sheets, script breakdowns, shot lists, storyboards, and shooting schedules, and does so in a much more simplified way. While it has a learning curve for new users, the centralized project manager is suited for all pre- and post-production processes, allowing for clear and organized tracking for filmmakers across different skill sets. The collaborative cloud software might be a lifesaver for your film crew, most especially for producers and production managers.

Streann is a global OTT platform creator. Through the SaaS platform, content distributors can create a white-label video portal website alongside its corresponding mobile and TV applications. Distributors can create flexible subscriptions for their viewers, which suits companies with more niche content. Streann’s service is open to all types of media, including AR/VR, however, its multi-camera live-streaming option makes it a good choice for top sports events around the world. Additionally, they have worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment, including Sony Pictures, A24, and Universal. Pricing plans are not available to the public, but distributors can request a quotation based on what they’re looking for.

StreamYard is a live streaming service available on any internet browser. Through the website, users can host a stable and consistent live stream on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and LinkedIn without having to download a desktop or mobile application. Users can invite multiple guests for interviews and feature their viewers’ comments on-screen. Streamers can start using the service for free, though paid pricing plans include useful features such as unlimited streaming, increased storage, more seats, and more streaming destinations. Within the film industry, this service would fit best with film festival organizers and distributors looking to host their film openings online.

StoryboardThat is an online storyboard website that’s easy to use, even for non-artists. Through the site, creators can put together a storyboard to plan their plots with images, text, and storyboard templates. The site’s templates are created for teachers and education in mind, but filmmakers and other creators can use the site for their upcoming projects. People new to storyboarding can use the website for free, but creators wanting more storyboards, access to a wider image library, and non-watermarked downloads, or larger teams can pay for these features through other pricing plans.

Storyboarder from Wonder Unit is a free and open-source application made for the storyboarding process. Through the software, users can visualize a story and share their vision with other people easily. Its simple interface holds only its drawing toolkit, sketch pane, board drawer, and metadata panel for a straightforward experience. For non-illustrators or people with existing shot lists, the application’s shot generator easily creates reference panels for users to customize. Traditional storyboarders can also opt to manually draw on a template, which can be scanned and transformed into digital panels. Key commands quickly switch between tools. Illustrators can focus and demonstrate their process through the software’s Sketch Sprint mode. At the end of the process, users can export their work to PDF or to other editing programs like Adobe Photoshop and Premiere.

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