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Script Reader Pro is a script coverage service for screenwriters by screenwriters who've already had experience selling their scripts. The site promises to deliver all services within 14 days. Their roster includes script doctors across genres, and they all approach feedback with a solid action plan to improve your project. On top of this service, writers can also request a 12-week mentorship program with the same professional reader. With this in mind, Script Reader Pro is a great option for screenwriters to reach out to more experienced professionals who have gone through the process.

Dedicated to education and talent discovery, ScreenCraft is a supportive and trusted space for screenwriters that offers script coverage, and promises feedback from industry experts within five days. Specialized readers across genres are available to give specific feedback through the lens of the script’s genre, and all readers have at least one year of experience in their field. Beyond coverage, ScreenCraft also hosts writing competitions and talent discovery programs for their users. Writers can also request notes for development and one-on-one guidance for career progression.

Scenechronize is the #1 cloud-based production document organizer. Like the rest of Entertainment Partners’ Production Management Studio, the application is designed for the entire production arc. Through the software, teams can easily organize, manage, and distribute all production documents so that everyone is on the right track during production. Producers can use the software to distribute specific files to the right people, as access can be customized so files can be seen on a need-to-know basis. Standard features like watermarking and expiring links help filmmakers guard against leaks in their production. On top of this, the software’s military-grade closed-loop security has been pressure-tested worldwide through projects like Game of Thrones.

RightsTrade is the OG of film distribution online; think of it as the Craigslist of film marketplaces. Approval for buyers is a little bit more selective than in other marketplaces and, once in, the selection is limited at best. Still, it’s been serving many buyers and sellers for years as a reliable alternative to travelling to physical marketplaces.

Renderforest is an Armenian-based creative software service dedicated for business. Through the site, businesses and other organizations can easily and quickly create videos and animations for sales and marketing purposes. Users can access the site’s digital assets as part of their works, as well as create other related branding projects such as mockups, presentations and professional websites. Users who want to try out the service can use the site for free, but to be able to download the projects without watermarks, they can pay per project, or pay a subscription fee monthly.

ProductionBeast is a professional network platform for filmmakers online. Recently acquired by StudioBinder, the platform is dedicated exclusively for the creative and entertainment industry. Through the site, freelancers can search for new production jobs and create a profile, which lists their availability, previous work experiences, and skills. On the other side, production companies, such as Netflix and Warner Brothers, have used the site to find the right profiles, from vetted industry professionals, for their upcoming projects. They can create free job posts, message interested candidates, manage their contact database, and create shortlists for future productions.

PreProCloud is a quick and intuitive platform for cloud-based film budgeting solutions, where filmmakers can find funding online and track finances safely for their productions. Users of the site can create fast, unlimited, and free bids to help finance their projects. Only once a bid has been accepted does the platform charge a one-time fee. Aside from bids, users can email or download actualized budgets, individual logs, and digital purchase orders. They can register up to four guests so that they can include team members from anywhere. On top of this, the site’s easy-to-understand metrics help filmmakers adjust budgets quickly. For production companies, the site also gives the option to create a company profile and standardized report templates for multiple projects.

Powtoon is a British-based animation software company best known for animated explainer videos. Through the site, users can create professional looking animations for pitches, promotional materials, and social media content. The site easily integrates with other industry software and social media platforms. Users can also take advantage of the site’s extensive visual library to customize and create characters, and use other tools for complete brand control. Users can start creating projects at 15 USD/month, but can opt for access to more premium features with other pricing plans.

Pond5 is the world’s largest online library of royalty-free stock footage. Since 2006, over 35 million videos have been uploaded to the site. The library has since expanded to stock music, photos, sound effects, After Effects templates, and 3D models after its acquisition of the stock photography site Pixmac. Because of the selection and its robust search engine, users can search for the exact type of content needed in order to complete their film. The site does not own its content– it just creates the license for and collects the content in its store. Users on the platform can use these files anywhere forever without royalties for a fee determined by the contributor, who receives 50%. Users can pay a fee per file or can pay for monthly/yearly subscriptions if they need multiple files.

Plot is an online application made for the storyboarding process. Through the software, users can create a storyboard by adding their script, turning each scene into panels, and adding images alongside their sketches. Each panel has spaces for users to fill up their corresponding dialogue and action lines. Once finished, users can share their storyboards with as many people as they need through a secure email link. They can easily add comments to each panel. Users can also download and export their storyboards. As long as there’s internet, users can switch between their desktop or mobile applications for ease of use. People can start using Plot to create unlimited storyboards through their Solo plan, but their Pro and Business plans allow for additional collaborators and fellow storyboard artists.

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