The Act of Killing (2012)

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An Academy Award nominated documentary about the genocide committed against nearly a million “communists” in Indonesia in 1965. Still in power, the paramilitary of …


Maidentrip (2013)

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In 2010, Dutch 15-year old Laura Dekker set out on a mission to be the youngest person to sail solo around the world. …


Two Days, One Night (2014)

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This movie originally caught my eye for all the attention it got at the Cannes festival, but I assure you, all of the …


Swingers (1996)

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Swingers is the bro-fest regular dudes need. Not enough movies tell the stories of the down-on-luck, kind of uncool wolf-pack that still goes …


Ruby Sparks (2012)

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Calvin Weir-Fields (Paul Dano), a young and promising novelist imagines and writes about his idea of a prefect female companion. Somehow, his words manifest …


Beautiful Girls (1996)

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With an ensemble cast featuring a young Natalie Portman and a less murderous Uma Thurman, Ted Demme’s “Beautiful Girls” recreates the worries and …


The Lunchbox (2013)

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“Sometimes even the wrong train takes you to the right destination”. An Indian housewife dealing with her cheating husband and dying father seeks …


The Ice Storm (1997)

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Set during the swingin’ seventies, two small town Connecticut families are the subject of this visually stunning and somewhat disturbing drama. With an all-star …