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There are so many factors that decide the commercial fate of a movie: the marketing strategy, the budget, the timing of its release, the star sign of the director (who knows?). But when it comes to Netflix, all those factors are reduced to one thing: the algorithms. Here are 10 movies with famous actors that Netflix algorithms are probably hiding from you.

Recently, we started a new section titled "Spotlight: LGBTQ+ Stories". The goal of this category is to showcase quality movies where at least one of the main characters doesn’t identify as heterosexual or cisgender. This includes stories about the LGBTQ+ experience, but not just. A good example is We the Animals, which is about the main characters dealing with their parents' decaying mixed-race relationship while exploring their own sexuality. These stories and experiences, while an integral part of human history, are only recently are starting to be told in mainstream film. Below are five great ones we recommend on Netflix.

The idea to start A24 came to founder Daniel Katz when he was driving on the Italian highway by the same name. From then, the venture went from a fleeting concept to an independent distribution company to one of the biggest stamps of quality a movie can have today.In its young seven years of existence, A24 has seen its movies nominated to the Oscars an impressive 25 times. And if you still don't know who I'm talking about, you might recognize some of their recent releases: Midsommar, Jonah Hill's Mid90s, Lady Bird, Moonlight, Good Time,The Lobster, Ex Machina, The Witch, and Swiss Army Man to name a few. The film distribution and production company has also taken a swing at TV with the HBO hit Euphoria and the fantastic Hulu production Ramy.But below, we count down their top movie releases that are available to stream on Netflix right now. 

European movies are a wonderful path to explore for those who feel like they've seen everything on Netflix. These under-watched titles need to be sought one by one because it seems like Netflix algorithms would almost never put them at the forefront.I know what some of you might be thinking: "wait, subtitles, ew!" - not necessarily. Many European movies are in English, and not just the ones from the UK. Clouds of Sils Maria from this list, for example, is a French movie set in France, but its main language is English and it stars none other than Kristen Stewart.Europe has a long history with film - the French New Wave, Italian Neorealism, and the great Swedish movies of Ingmar Bergman. And what's happening in Europe today is equally as exciting: French thrillers, Scandinavian dramas, Irish comedies... there is just so much to discover. This list has past Oscar winners like The Lives of Others, a past winner of the Berlin Film Festival (On Body and Soul), and other award-sweepers. But you might be asking yourself why you haven't heard of some or all of them. The answer depends on each movie but it's often either bad marketing or that fear of subtitles. Both have nothing to do with the quality of the movies themselves. So, friends, let's try something new. Below are the best European movies on Netflix right now.  

We recently asked our Facebook community about the European country they would like to watch more movies from. The two most popular answers were Ireland and the U.K, and so in honor of that, we're making this list of the best British movies on Netflix.  This list ranges from thrillers like The Bank Job and Layer Cake to the romantic movie God’s Own Country, and a title from one of the best British directors of all time - Ken Loach's I, Daniel Blake. Each can give you a different taste of the brilliance of British filmmaking. This list is also a testament to how many brilliant non-US movies go unnoticed on Netflix because of their algorithm. This is why we started - to offer a human alternative to Netflix's algorithms that favor Netflix releases at the expense of quality filmmaking.  This list is part of our series highlighting excellence in European Film. For more, visit Spotlight: European Film. 

Hulu is on the come up. If you've realized this and have been taking advantage of its excellent TV catalog, you'll be happy to know that the movies offered to you don't exactly disappoint either.The streaming service has been striking partnerships with distribution houses to secure these movies. Recently they got exclusive streaming rights to Bleeker Street movies like Captain Fantastic below. This means that there is an increasing number of are not on Netflix right now but probably also will never be.So here is a handpicked list of the best movies that a Hulu subscription will get you.

With Netflix making moves on international markets, foreign-Language Netflix Originals have the quality reference that English Netflix Originals did a couple of years ago. AKA very good.This applies to TV shows too. A great example is the Italian show Suburra, a thrilling depiction of modern-day Rome. Or Dogs of Berlin, an edgy story of the underworld of the German capital. And of course, Money Heist, one of the most compelling bank heist shows ever made.And in non-Netflix Originals, the world is your oyster - literally. Not only do foreign movies remain little-seen in the U.S., but some of the best ones are available on Netflix. I'm talking Oscar-winning good (list below). I leave you with our staff's 18 highest rated foreign-language films currently streaming on Netflix. But again, beyond these movies - I really encourage you to try more foreign films. You will not be disappointed and you will have a much easier time finding what to watch.Happy watching.

When a movie is described as slow or "not much happens", that's not always a bad thing. In fact, whether to give you a sense of impending doom or to make you notice a certain aesthetic, slow movies can be very powerful. Below are our picks for the best movies that can be described as slow, but which are actually very engaging. 

Often when people say a movie has no plot, they mean that it's character-driven. That's why if it sounds like an insult when someone complains about lack of plot, it probably means that just don't like character studies or weren't in the mood for one. I once wrote about this exact thing in an article, and a cinephile friend messaged me back saying: "the best way to get me to watch a movie is to tell me it has no plot". I couldn't agree more. And as writer Patrice Nganang put it: “there are stories that simply do not need a plot.” Some worldwide favorites didn’t have a plot as part of their structure. Notably: The Tree of Life, Dazed & Confused, Breakfast Club, Napoleon Dynamite, Big Lebowski, Garden State, Burn After Reading and Lost in Translation. More recently, Her, Youth, and A Separation have become great examples. See, the plot thickens… Terrible puns aside, plot is rarely an indicator of quality (or popularity). The movies in this list are not about what happens, they're all about the characters. I absolutely love each one of them, and I think you will too.