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Margin Call 2011 / Now On Showtime


A thoughtful drama about the financial crisis, Margin Call is gripping. Seriously, even something as convoluted as the 2008 global economic meltdown is not only accessible and understandable, but it’s gripping. Margin Call transports you to the heart of Wall Street, both the financial institutions and the street, literally. It is exciting, well-acted and informative. Uh, also: Kevin Spacey.



I loved it. I think a lot of the other films about the financial crisis are either documentaries that get a bit lost in the weeds(think Too Big to Fail) or focus too heavily on individual people(The Big Short). On the other hand, Margin Call focuses on how the system reacts to failure. It’s a disaster film with no heroes – there are no clear cut good or bad characters, just grey areas. A realistic but approachable look into the lives of high powered financiers as they scramble to save themselves from a disaster of their own making.

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