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McQueen 2018 / An intimate documentary about the genius of Alexander McQueen


An intimate look into the rich yet short life of Alexander McQueen, the British fashion icon. I didn’t know much about him prior to watching that movie, and that didn’t matter. His story of a tormented genius transcends fame and even time. In art and in fashion, McQueen’s journey was celebrated by everyone but him.

This is the type of movie where after you watch it, you need a good hour of Wikipedia searches and Youtube interview viewing. It’s powerful and will introduce you to an entire world that is the impact of Alexandre McQueen when he lived.


    Went into this solely due to the quality of the trailer having no experience with McQueen. The documentaries so well presented and remain engaging and exciting throughout the 2 hours run time. The music is superb and fits so well to the presentation of art you are seeing. I went into this with no experience of appreciating clothing as art, but the work of McQueen to me is now truly an art. There is a genuine chance that you will look further into his job after finishing this and having a new understanding to that of clothing. One of the highest quality productions ive seen and would confidently recommend to someone looking for something new. just for reference Im a 20-year-old male whos interested in military history and economics with no experience with anything presented in this documentary and it did show me something new in a fantastic way. Just watch it for the score alone. 0 people liked this review.

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