The Most Expensive Streaming Services Right Now

The Most Expensive Streaming Services Right Now



Streaming services are evolving into completely distinct offerings, and some, by including many features, have gotten more expensive than others. This is the case of Fubo for example, who offer movies on-demand but also over a 100 cable channels. 

Below we count down the best expensive streaming services. 

15. Fanatiz

For the diehard soccer fan, Fanatiz is a streaming service dedicated to Latin American and Spanish soccer. Here, you’ll get access to live and on-demand matches held by La Liga and Copa Libertadores, as well as complete coverage of Brazil’s intense local competition Brasileirão. It’s available in most countries worldwide, but North American viewers, in particular, will be glad to know that Fanatiz carries beIN and TyC Sports—vital channels that have exclusive rights to stream select leagues. 

Fanatiz has an $8 and $10 monthly tier, the latter of which gives you access to even more leagues and hours of VOD content. But we suggest you try the platform first (free for a week) to really test its quality and see how it stacks up to other similarly inclined services, like FuboTV.

14. Amazon Prime Video + CuriosityStream Bundle

The great thing about Prime Video is that you can pick and choose whatever on-demand streaming service to add to your subscription. From Paramount+ to Shudder, Prime covers a pretty wide range of content that helps keep its roster as robust as it is (you can even get competitor HBO Max on your Prime lineup).

One of the more appealing bundles for documentary lovers is the Prime Video and CuriosityStream package, which allows you to pay for both under one billing. While CuriosityStream’s cost per month has hiked up to $4.99, CuriosityStream (as of this writing, at least) still costs $2.99 on Prime, making this bundle quite the steal.  If you’re looking to access global documentaries on the Prime platform, then this package is certainly worth giving a look at.

13. Spotify + Hulu + Showtime student bundle

If you’re a college student looking to save up on some funds, you’re in luck: you can slash up to $20 in entertainment costs when you get the Spotify Premium + Hulu + Showtime bundle. For just $4.99, students above 18 years old enrolled at any US Title IV accredited college or university can access Spotify songs, Hulu originals, and Showtime films and live channels, with just one bill. That’s the best of music, streaming, and TV rolled into one.

To be sure, it’s a steal of a deal, but there are some caveats. For one, you can’t have any network add-ons on your Hulu account, and you have to be okay with everything being billing to Spotify. Spotify also uses a third-party service called SheerID to vet applications. But if all of that sounds okay to you, then you should have no trouble accessing this premium bundle.

12. Paramount+ + Showtime Bundle

One of the more reasonably priced deals out there, the Paramount+ and Showtime bundle starts at just $11.99 a month. For only a dollar more than what Showtime costs alone, you get to have Paramount’s many live channels, live sports coverage, and even more films and TV shows. 

On their own, Paramount+ and Showtime only have a handful of original titles, but together, they provide a jam-packed library that includes Yellowjackets, Yellowstone, Billions, Tulsa King, and Criminal Minds—and this in addition to Showtime’s searing documentaries and Paramount’s star-studded films. 

The Paramount+ essential plan with Showtime costs $11.99, while the Paramount+ premium plan with Showtime costs $14.99. The latter promises no ads, live access to the CBS channel, and downloadable shows. 

11. Hulu + Starz Bundle

If you’re already subscribed to any of Hulu’s existing plans (currently, those are with ads, no ads, and live TV), you can choose to boost your subscription with a Starz add-on for an extra $8.99 a month. This rounds up your library of Hulu originals with Starz’s own collection of prestige series such as Gaslit, Outlander, and Serpent Queen, as well as their cult-status comedies like Party Down, Minx, and Ash vs. Evil Dead. Additionally, you can stream Starz live and log on to the app, if you have it, with your Hulu credentials. 

While this simplified bundle is certainly interesting, it’s even more appealing for TV fans out there who have much to gain from this pairing. 

10. Mozi

Mozi is a new entirely free streaming service that brands itself as the “home of free TV”. It’s understated and simple to use, with navigation between channels as easy as a scroll. Plus, it’s well-rounded: from news programs like CBS News to kids programming with Nick Jr, documentaries with National Geographic, and the weather with Fox Weather. 

The service, a curated collection of live streams from Youtube, is a great resource for those looking to watch TV for free, especially news. And unlike other free streamers like Pluto and Xumo, the emphasis here is on quality, not quantity: there are no made-up channels or extreme right-wing content.

9. Countryline TV

Countryline TV is a free streaming service that serves as the ultimate base of all things country music. A cost-free subscription gives you access to interviews, jam sessions, and behind-the-scenes content on your favorite country artists, while a premium subscription, which costs $3.99 a month, gives you access to all that plus full-length films, concerts, documentaries, and TV shows. If you can’t get enough of that distinct Southern sound, then this streaming platform is worth giving a shot.

8. Viaplay

It may be a newcomer in this part of the Atlantic, but Viaplay has been streaming films and TV shows in Europe for years. Its main attraction is Nordic noir, that distinctly cold and shocking version of the mystery genre. Based in Sweden, Viaplay is one of the top producers of noir, but it also carries internationally known films like Another Round (starring Mads Mikkelsen) and A Somewhat Gentle Man (starring Stellan Skarsgård). 

Nordic Americans will find much to enjoy here, but Viaplay also serves as a convenient and affordable option for viewers wanting to dip their toes deeper into European thrillers.

7. Sling TV Freestream

In response to the growing popularity of free streaming services like Tubi, Xumo, and Pluto, Sling TV has come up with Sling TV Freestream, an ad-supported version of its live TV and on-demand streaming service. Compared to its paid tier, Freestream has fewer channels and premium titles, but with more than 200 live channels and on-demand content to boot, it’s certainly worth giving a try—you don’t even need to sign up for an account to start watching.

Notable channels in Freestream include AMC+, Comedy Central, Discovery, TBS, Cartoon Network & Adult Swim, and major news broadcasters like CBS and ABC. 

Sling TV has been at the forefront of live TV for years, but it breaks new ground with Freestream, a platform designed to both entertain and entice users to upgrade to their meatier packages.

6. Peacock TV

Despite its wobbly start in the streaming sphere, Peacock now has a growing and respectable catalog of titles to its name. It’s home to critically acclaimed shows like Poker Face and movies like Tar, not to mention a whole host of reality shows and sports events. But perhaps the greatest edge Peacock has over its competitors is that along with its on-demand content, it also features a solid lineup of live TV channels, many of them for free.

Peacock’s free tier, often referred to as Peacock TV, has channels like Fallon Tonight, SNL Vault, NBC News, Premier League TV, WWE, Dateline 24/7, and Below Deck you can instantly watch upon signing up. While on-demand content is limited, Peacock TV often allows you watch the first episode of certain shows to give you a taste of their Plus and Premium tiers, which cost $4.99/month and $9.99/month, respectively.

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