12 Shows to Watch on Netflix if You’re Quarantined

 Whether you have to self-isolate or if your city / state / country chooses to lock down again, you will need this: a list of 10 great shows. They’ve all either come out come back for a new season this year. 

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Sex Education

Sex Education is an original mix of what its title would indicate, but also of heartfelt and funny stories. Otis, a British teenager whose mom is a sex and relationship therapist, starts harnessing her knowledge to help the sex woes of the kids in his high-school. Hilarity regularly ensues as you’d expect from anything involving sex and uninitiated teenagers. But for all its worth, Sex Education is never cringe-worthy. Its realistic writing of teenage misadventures can teach any adult a thing or two. If you liked Lovesick, another Netflix British comedy about sex trouble, you will like Sex Education.

Genre: Comedy
Actor: Alistair Petrie, Asa Butterfield, Connor Swindells, Emma Mackey, Gillian Anderson, Kedar Williams-Stirling, Ncuti Gatwa
Rating: TV-MA
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This addictive thriller is about two groups of Swedish young people: one already radicalized, fighting in Syria, and the other, still in high-school and on the path to radicalization.

An anti-terrorism officer with a questionable past is put in contact with a woman who traveled to Syria and wants to get back to Sweden. In exchange, this woman offers information about an upcoming attack in Europe.

Caliphate is fascinating, deeply thrilling, and made with an authenticity that sees past cheap stereotypes to offer genuine insight into what drives young people to become terrorists.

Genre: Thriller
Actor: Ala Riani, Albin Grenholm, Aliette Opheim, Amanda Sohrabi, Amed Bozan, Gizem Erdogan, Lancelot Ncube, Nora Rios, Simon Mezher, Yussra El Abdouni
Rating: TV-MA
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