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Fleabag 2018


At 20 minutes per episode and boosting a funny and witty script, this show is such a pleasure to binge-watch.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who you may know from Broadchurch, writes and stars in the series. She plays a freethinking young woman trying to deal with grief in big-city London.

Her relationship with the city is complicated to say the least, but her relationship with her business might be even worse. The hipster-plagued café she runs is always on the verge of bankruptcy, her support system is almost nonexistent, consisting of a high-achieving sister and a nonchalant father, she has a lot to navigate on her own.

Her show is guaranteed to stay with you for a long time.

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I loved this show, it’s so unique and funny but sadly also so short!


This show is unique as it is captivating. It’s absolutely the funniest from beginning to end but it’s also touching and emotional. It catches your heart in a simple way by showing the everyday life of a woman that, like any other, is extraordinary and complex. It’s certainly one of those shows that everyone will be talking about and even if no one does, it would be amazing if ten people went through this experience.


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