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Patriot 2017 / Patriot Might Be The Best Show on Amazon Prime


Patriot is about a secret agent who is assigned meddling with the Iranian elections to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. Sounds serious? It is and it is not. What Patriot is really about are the bureaucratic pitfalls that involve such work. The secret agent’s team parks on the wrong street and he ends up killing the wrong guy. The bag of money he wants to use to meddle with the elections gets stolen by an airport worker in Luxembourg. Etc, etc. For all of this, Patriot is a funny and clever show. the best part is that the secret agent in question is also a folk singer – and sometimes sings awfully honest and descriptive songs of his missions in open mics. Patriot is a mix between real-life thrills and real-life laughs, and it’s a near-perfect TV show.


    After having recommended it extensively, I realized it's not for everyone. For me it was genius. Introspective; a visually beautiful commentary on politics, secret services, human nature, happiness and sadness, the lies we tell people and those we tell ourselves. And so much more. You will love it or you will be bored by it. 2 people liked this review.

    millie g

    Loved this show, funny, intelligent, visually stunning and often a tad sad. Love the casting, writing all of it. WE ARE SO SAD AMAZON, WHY HAS IT BEEN CANCELLED??? 0 people liked this review.

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