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Succession 2018, 2019 / A guilty pleasure of the highest quality


One of the best TV dramas in recent memory, Succession is about a mega-corporation (based loosely on Disney) and the family behind it. It starts with the eldest son trying to prove himself worthy of the CEO position that his father promised him over his siblings. But what does that mean in the world of the 0.01%? A lot of family dysfunction. Watching Succession feels like a vice: it’s a guilty sneak-peak into the world of the mega-rich where you’re constantly rooting for something or someone you never thought you’d root for. All the characters are amazing but watch out for Cousin Greg!



My only problem with this show is that there isn’t enough of it (yet). I ate up the first seasons in what feels like a day. All the characters are crazy but easy to love, the script is perfect, and the actors are top notch. If you haven’t watched it yet, I’m jealous.


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