The Best Streaming Services for Dramas

The Best Streaming Services for Dramas

June 14, 2024



agoodmovietowatch is a film and TV recommendation website. We aggregate what we call “highly-rated but little-known” titles, in other terms, movies and shows that you haven’t yet seen that you will like. 

Naturally, many dramas fall into this category. People often dismiss films that seem sad or sentimental for comedies and easily digestible action films. 

But if like me you are always on the hunt for a good drama, here are the streaming services you should consider subscribing to. 

11. Xfinity TV

Xfinity’s cable plans are a great way to get the basics covered. Xfinity Choice TV, its cheapest plan, is just $20/month though that does add up to more when you pay the necessary broadcast and rental fees. The relatively low price comes with a lean channel lineup that includes ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC where available (the lineup varies across the country) and 20 hours of DVR. Xfinity customers have complained about the provider’s hidden fees in recent years, but on the upside, Xfinity doesn’t require a contract, so you can leave anytime you want without being fined. Another plus is it’s always offering bundles and discounts. And if you’re keen on cutting the cord, you can check out Xfinity’s Now TV streaming service, which is priced similarly to Choice TV minus the hidden fees (and local channels).

12. DISH Network

Generally, Dish Network’s TV plans are pretty similar to most cable packages out there, but many things still set them apart. For one, Dish is available in more parts of the country, and for another, it has a great DVR unit in Hopper 3, which can record up to 2,000 hours and 16 shows at the same time. And when it comes to prices, Dish guarantees it won’t hike prices up for at least two years, and quite uniquely, it gives you the option to remove local channels from your plan, which will effectively reduce the price by $12/month. Speaking of price, the cheapest Dish plan costs $85/month and carries channels like CNN, Disney Channel, ESPN, and National Geographic. As of this writing, it also comes with Starz, Paramount+ with Showtime, and Dish’s movie add-on free for three months–after that, this will cost $30/month. Now, from what we could gather, it seems like Dish isn’t exempt from dodgy customer service and wily hidden fees (mostly in the equipment). It also doesn’t offer a lot of bundling opportunities. But if you don’t mind these snags, plus the satellite, then Dish is a great, accessible TV option.


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