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The Guilty 2018 / A deceptively-calm, razor-sharp thriller set almost entirely in one room


Before you press play on this movie, I highly recommend you take deep, deep breaths. The suspense in it grows in such an incremental way that you will be out of breath before you know what happened. And it doesn’t use anything other than amazing acting and an amazing story to achieve all of this. One man, in the equivalent of a 911 police center in Denmark, and a room. That’s it. He receives a call that turns his night around and puts him in front of very important questions on his ethics and how far he can go to help the people that call him. This movie feels like it was made on a $100 million budget, but the reality was very far from that. It doesn’t even believe in budgets. Grab someone next to you and go watch it so that you can discuss it after.


    damn that was a good ass movie

    Ros Enriquez

    can you please give us a Danish movie that has a fantastic acting so that we can compare?


    The movie makes best use of sound and little bit of our imagination to create a gripping thriller, mystery and emotion.


    Amazing Ride!

    Karthik Acharya

    yep! the review by the website is spot on! worth watching!


    I'm Danish as is this movie, and I have to say: This is terrible acting. I watched and I couldn't believe it's on here.

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