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Leave No Trace


Leave No Trace is the amazing new movie from the director of Winter’s Bone, Debra Granik. It’s the story of a father and his daughter who live completely off the grid in a national park in Portland, and their quiet quest to not be separated and remain off the grid. It’s not the sensational, tear-jerker story that you’d expect something with this premise to be. Rather, and like Winter’s Bone, it chooses a humane and realistic approach to the subject matter. The decision to live outside society is almost irrelevant to this movie. More so, its inevitability for certain people with certain mindsets is what is interesting. A stunningly quiet movie, really well-acted too.


The Selfish Giant


A Ken Loach type of vibe drives¬†The Selfish Giant¬† to be an interesting mix between anger,¬† desperation, and the beauty¬†and humor often found¬†in tough circumstances (think I, Daniel Blake but with kids¬†as main characters). This sort of contemporary fable tells the story of two friends who skip school and hustle for¬†work from a local scrap-dealer.¬† As they get more and more involved with him and his entourage, the grim realities of what once seemed a way out start to cast a shadow over their lives. The script is based on a short story by Oscar Wilde,¬†it’s a beautiful, ultimately sad portrayal of the¬†British underclass.