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How often does a short film get picked as movie of the year? The answer: not often but it happened with World of Tomorrow. The 2016 Oscar nominated masterpiece is an insight-packed journey of a little girl who gets a peek into her distant future. It is directed by Don Hertzfeldt, the genius who also gave us the other mind-bending stick-figure animation It’s Such a Beautiful Day. The little girl in question? Hertzfeldt’s young niece who also contributed lines to the film! World of Tomorrow is a must-watch – a piece of art so beautiful it will revive your love for cinema for a long time.

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Raymond Grosdidier
Raymond Grosdidier

The World of Tomorrow is a magical and terrible world told through a series of doodles. The world portrayed seems barbaric, cruel, calloused, cold, and very much like our current present. It’s 16 minutes long, there’s no reason to not watch it.


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      Anthony Marks, Kelly Hu, Robert Picardo
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      Don Hertzfeldt
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      Bill Hanstock, Jacob Cooney
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