Best Philo Alternatives in 2022

By Khadija Bilal • Published Jul 13, 2022

Updated Jul 13, 2022

Philo is a popular, budget-friendly streaming service, but it's not for everyone. If you're looking for something similar to Philo, but with more channels, better compatibility, or extra features, this guide will offer up some options. We'll take a look at the best Philo alternatives for 2022, including fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Stream.

fuboTV Provides Superior Sporting Content to Philo

One of the downsides to Philo is that it doesn't offer any kind of sports content. This is a pretty big hole in the service, and if you feel like you're missing out on sporting action with Philo, fuboTV could be the answer. This service takes everything good about Philo and builds on it, with more channels and especially more sport content.

fuboTV prices start at just $69.99 per month and the service offers 100+ channels by default, rising to over 150 channels if you opt for the Elite package. There are also lots of add-ons and optional channels to customize your package with fuboTV, giving you much more content than Philo can hope to provide.

fuboTV also runs on more devices than Philo, working well with iOS and Android mobile devices, living room devices like Roku and Chromecast, smart TVs from leading brands, and more. It has up to 10 simultaneous streams and 1,000 hours of DVR space, too.

Fubo Pro

7 day free trial

$69.99 / month
100+ Channels
Wide sports coverage
1,000 hours of cloud DVR
3 simultaneous stream
150+ channels
Multiple streams
No hidden fees
All the best sports

Philo and Hulu + Live TV Offer Great On-Demand Content

One of the things that many people appreciate about Philo is how it blends live TV with on-demand content, giving you multiple ways to watch your favorite shows and films. If you enjoy this kind of versatility, you'll also like Hulu + Live TV, which blends all of the on-demand content of the Hulu library with dozens of live TV channels.

Starting at just $69.99, Hulu + Live TV is a great fusion of live and on-demand viewing experiences. It not only gives you full access to Hulu, but also comes with ESPN+ and Disney+, too, giving you sporting action and family-friendly content to watch again and again.

In terms of channels, you'll also find the likes of local CBS and NBC news, SyFy, A&E, and Fox Sports on Hulu + Live TV. And when it comes to features, Hulu + Live TV has an optional "Unlimited Streams" add-on to watch on as many devices as you like at home, as well as the option for "Enhanced DVR" for up to 100 hours of DVR storage, too.

67 Channels
2 simultaneous streams
ESPN and Disney

Philo and Sling TV Are Both Great for Budget-Conscious People

Budget is a big concern for a lot of people when it comes to picking a streaming service to sign up for, and this is one of the main reasons why Philo is so popular. With its super low monthly cost of just $25, Philo has attracted a lot of budget-conscious cord-cutters over the years, and Sling TV is another affordable option to consider.

Sling TV is still slightly more expensive than Philo, as its cheapest plan is $35 per month, but it's still very affordable compared to many of the other $70+ streaming services on the market. And it offers great value for money, as you can get access to ESPN, major news networks, and a range of entertainment channels like Comedy Central and Disney Channel, too.

Sling also runs well on a lot of different devices, including Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android and iOS phones, video game consoles, and more. Plus, it offers up to four simultaneous streams per use, which is slightly better than Philo's three simultaneous streams policy.

30+ Channels
1 simultaneous stream
45+ Channels
3 simultaneous stream
50+ Channels
4* simultaneous stream

Philo and YouTube TV Have Great Family Content

A lot of families sign up to Philo and enjoy the platform's family-focused content. Well, if you're looking for another streaming service that is also great for families with kids, YouTube TV is worth considering.

It may be quite a new streaming service, but YouTube TV is already making waves in the streaming world due to its huge number of channels and ease-of-use. Priced at $64.99, you get access to 85+ channels in total, and this includes plenty of family-friendly fun like Cartoon Network, Animal Planet, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon. It also comes with sports channels, news channels, documentaries, and more.

In terms of devices, YouTube TV and Philo are quite similar and you can watch YouTube TV on your web browser, your phone, tablet, smart TV, and select living room devices. YouTube TV also offers three simultaneous streams, just like Philo, and it has the advantage of unlimited DVR space for up to 9 months.

Unlimited DVR space.
6 accounts for 1 price
85+ broadcast, cable, and regional sports networks

Philo and DirecTV Stream Make Entertainment Easy to Access

Another thing that many people like about Philo is how easy it is to access. It runs on a range of devices, like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Android TV, Android and iOS mobile devices, browsers, and smart TVs from select brands like Sony, too. If you love that kind of accessibility, you’ll enjoy DirecTV Stream, too.

DirecTV Stream has incredible device compatibility, running on a huge list of devices that includes Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, phones from Android and iOS, web browsers like Chrome and Firefox, and smart TVs, too. Plus, it offers up to 20 simultaneous streams on your home network ad an impressive 500 hours of DVR space.

It's a lot more expensive than Philo, with prices starting at $69.99 and reaching up to $149.99 per month, but you do get a lot more content for your money with DirecTV Stream, with the top-end plans offering over 140 chanels and the on-demand library of HBO Max.

75+ channels
Stream on unlimited devices at home
Unlimited cloud DVR
Regional sports networks included
105+ Channels
Stream on unlimited devices at home
Unlimited cloud DVR
Regional sports networks included
140+ channels
Stream on unlimited devices at home
Unlimited cloud DVR
Regional sports networks included
150+ channels
Stream on unlimited devices at home
Unlimited cloud DVR

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