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Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace is the amazing new movie from the director of Winter’s Bone, Debra Granik. It’s the story of a father and his daughter who live completely off the grid in a national park in Portland, and their quiet quest to not be separated and remain off the grid. It’s not the sensational, tear-jerker story that you’d expect something with this premise to be. Rather, and like Winter’s Bone, it chooses a humane and realistic approach to the subject matter. The decision to live outside society is almost irrelevant to this movie. More so, its inevitability for certain people with certain mindsets is what is interesting. A stunningly quiet movie, really well-acted too.

28 Surprising Movies and Shows That Netflix Users Love Most

We asked our 83,000 Facebook followers about the last thing they watched and loved. There were some “it’s so bad it’s good” titles, which we had to skip – but once those were weeded out, the result was pretty amazing. There are hidden gems like the British crime show Marcella, the powerful yet little-known Diane Lane movie Secretariat, and many others. But there are also new sleeper hits like Ozark, Mindhunter, Wild Wild Country… All in all, we’re not the least bit surprised but we’re happy to report that our Facebook followers have a good taste. If you’re looking for the next movies or show to watch, look no further, these are amazing picks. Please note that they are not ordered.

MOVIE (pictured above) suggested by By Jessica D.
TV SHOW suggested by Melissa M.
TV SHOW suggested by Clare T.
TV SHOW suggested by Terry G.
MOVIE suggested by Janelle E.
TV SHOW suggested by Steve W.
TV SHOW suggested by Melissa M.
TV SHOW suggested by Marna O.
“This show is not only an exciting crime drama but an interesting manifestation of very common American family discussions and concerns.” (our review)
TV SHOW suggested by Gail M.G.
TV SHOW suggested by Magda S.F.
MOVIE suggested by Adam D.
TV SHOW suggested by Brennan J.B.
MOVIE suggested by Leela C.
“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is not only the best rom-com on Netflix, it’s one of the best rom-coms in recent memory, period.” (our review)
TV SHOW suggested by Mari R.C.
TV SHOW suggested by Andrew S.
TV SHOW suggested by Azra D.
MOVIE suggested by Elizabeth K.
TV SHOW suggested by Vicky A.
TV SHOW suggested by Sue C.
MOVIE suggested by Elias S.
TV SHOW suggested by Will A.
TV SHOW suggested by Erin M
“Netflix’s most binge-worthy show so far, Mindhunter is a very interesting, almost scientifically oriented thriller.” (our review)
TV SHOW suggested by Jenn M. V.
TV SHOW suggested by Kathy M.
TV SHOW suggested by Karen O.
TV SHOW suggested by Lou M. B.
MOVIE suggested by Cheryl G.
TV SHOW suggested by Sandy L. B.

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