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DirecTV Stream Plans and Pricing

By Staff, Deja Harris• Edited by Lisa Holden • Updated Oct 13, 2023

DirecTV Stream has emerged as one of the best live TV and on-demand streaming services out there, competing with other big names with its ease of use and colossal amount of content. But how much does this service cost? And what kinds of subscription plans are available? Read on for all you need to know about DirecTV Stream plans and pricing.

How much is DirecTV Stream?

One of the things that sets DirecTV Stream apart from other streaming services is that it has quite a broad range of subscription plans, ranging from an entry-level Entertainment plan all the way up to the top-end Premier plan, and prices vary quite a lot from plan to plan.

Because of this, the cost of a subscription to DirecTV Stream can vary. Here's how the four different plan options compare:

DirecTV Stream Entertainment

Pay $49.99 for the first 2 months

$79.99 / month
75+ channels
Stream on unlimited devices at home
Unlimited DVR space
Three months of Max free
100+ live TV channels
Spanish and English programming
Three months of Max free
Unlimited DVR space
105+ live channels
Unlimited DVR space
Includes regional sports networks
Three months of Max free
140+ live channels
Unlimited DVR space
Includes regional sports networks
Three months of Max free

DirecTV Stream Premier

$154.99 / month
Unlimited DVR space
150+ channels
Includes Max Cinemax SHOWTIME and STARZ
Includes regional sports networks

Does DirecTV raise its prices often?

Like other streaming services, DirecTV Stream has seen some price hikes on a semi-regular basis since it launched. We've seen price rises over the last few years, including one towards the end of 2019, another at the start of 2021, and another around the start of 2022.

Each time, DirecTV Stream tends to raise its prices by around $5 to $10. For example, in 2022, the Choice plan went up by $5, while the Ultimate and Premier plan prices rose by $10. If the trend continues, we can expect to see prices going up by $5 to $10 per year.

What add-ons and fees does DirecTV Stream have?

You might also be wondering if DirecTV Stream has any optional add-ons with extra costs or hidden fees for subscribers to be aware of.

Let's focus on add-ons, first. DirecTV Stream does have some optional add-ons, including services like STARZ and Showtime, as well as international language packages. For example, you can add a Deportes package to watch sports in Spanish for an extra cost or add the Korean package to access popular South Korean shows. Check out this link for more info and prices.

In terms of fees, fortunately, there aren't any hidden fees to speak of with DirecTV Stream. For example, you won't need to pay any initial set-up fees or equipment charges.

Does DirecTV Stream have a free trial?

If you'd like to see what DirecTV Stream has to offer before paying for your own subscription, the service currently offers a week-long free trial. You will still need to make an account and provide a credit card number to sign up and access the trial, but you can cancel before the 7-day period ends to avoid paying anything.

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