How to Watch NBC Sports on Peacock

By Brittany Storniolo • Published Jul 13, 2022

Updated Jul 13, 2022

Keeping up-to-date on what’s happening in your favorite sports can be difficult for fans who said goodbye to cable. Sure, local channels might have updates on regional teams, but sometimes they might miss out on the bigger picture of a sports league. On the other hand, cable-exclusive networks like NBC sports can give you a complete idea about the current state of your favorite teams.

So, how can you stay current with your favorite teams and leagues without cable? Well, internet TV is there to help you out. Peacock is one of the best ways to catch NBC Sports in particular. After all, Peacock is a platform dedicated to NBC coverage.

To give you an idea of what to expect from Peacock, we’ll give you a shot-for-shot breakdown of how you can catch NBC Sports on the platform.

Does Peacock Have a Free Trial?

Before biting the bullet on a Peacock subscription, you want a test drive first, right? Well, if you’ve looked at Peacock before, you already know it doesn’t have any free trial options. But you don’t need to worry because Peacock has an alternative to a free trial.

Instead, Peacock has 3 different subscription tiers, and the first subscription tier is completely free. That’s right, you don’t need to pay anything to sample Peacock.

You’ll get almost all the perks that come with a paid Peacock subscription and can watch nearly the entire Peacock library. Additionally, you’ll get next-day access to the latest NBC shows. Finally, you’ll also get full access to the platform's 3-screen simultaneous stream limit features.

The only things tied to a paid Peacock subscription are a couple of features like select programs such as all nine seasons of The Office, ad-free viewing, and 4K streaming.

So, if you want to try Peacock, you can create an account for no charge whatsoever. Then, if you’re happy with what you get from the base Peacock subscription but want access to everything the platform offers, you’ll just need to pay for a Premium or Premium Plus Peacock account.

Peacock Premium

7 day free trial

$4.99 / month
Live and on-demand titles
Exclusive content like The Office
Premier League
No ads
Exclusive content like The Office
Premier League
Live and on-demand titles

Watching NBC Sports on Peacock

For sports fans on a budget, you’ll be happy to know that NBC Sports is available on the free tier of Peacock. You won’t need to pay anything to catch the latest events in sports. And as an added benefit, free account Peacock users even get access to select content from the WWE Network. So, for instance, you can catch the latest episodes of WWE Raw and Smackdown for free.

However, if you’re interested in minute-to-minute sports event coverage, you’ll have to shell out a little extra. While NBC Sports is available on all free Peacock accounts, the base subscription doesn’t have access to live sports coverage.

Luckily, you won’t have to break the bank to get a paid Peacock subscription since a Premium Peacock account only costs $4.99/month. Besides live sports events, you’ll also get full access to Peacock’s on-demand library. As a matter of fact, a free Peacock account only gets access to 7,500 hours of  Peacock’s media library. But Premium and Premium Plus members get to watch the full 15,000-hour content vault.

And if you shell out a little extra, at $9.99/month, you can subscribe to a Premium Plus Peacock membership. That way you’ll get the added benefit of offline downloads. So, if you’re ever on a long car ride without direct internet access, you can keep yourself entertained the whole time.

If you’re happy with just having access to NBC Sports, you can settle for a free Peacock subscription. However, if you’re in for the complete Peacock experience, you can spend a little extra to enjoy the full benefits of a Peacock membership.

Peacock Device Support

If you’re considering a Peacock membership, you first need to determine if your favorite devices can access the platform. Here’s a list of devices that you can expect to have Peacock device support or access to the Peacock app:

  • Web Browsers - Safari 12+ and all chromium-based browsers

  • Mobile Devices - Phone and tablets on Android 6.0 and up and all iOS devices on version 13 and above

  • Streaming Devices - Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, Android TV, and Apple TV

  • Smart TVs - Select Hisense, Vizio, LG, Xfinity, and Samsung models

  • Cable Boxes - Contour Box with Voice Player and Contour Stream Player

  • Game Consoles - Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One S | X, Xbox Series S | X

As you can see, most modern devices have Peacock support. Once you’re a Peacock subscriber, you won’t have to worry about not getting access to the platform.

Live and on-demand titles
Exclusive content like The Office
Premier League
No ads
Exclusive content like The Office
Premier League
Live and on-demand titles

How to Watch Peacock on Apple TV?

If you’re on Apple TV and wondering how to install the Peacock app on your device, you just need to access the App Store and search for Peacock. Once you’ve found the app, you just need to click on the install button.

How to Watch Peacock on Roku?

To add Peacock to your Roku TV, you just need to navigate to the “Add Channel” function on your Roku TV home menu. Then, just search for Peacock and click “Add Channel.” After that, you’re all good to go!

How to Watch Peacock on Amazon Fire Devices?

Like Roku devices, you just need to search for Peacock in the Amazon Fire home menu. Alternatively, if your Fire device supports Alexa, you can use voice search to find the Peacock app.

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