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Netflix Review 2024: Is Netflix Still Worth It?

By Staff• Edited by Lisa Holden • Updated Dec 04, 2023

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When it comes to streaming services, Netflix is arguably the biggest name on the block. This is the service that effectively started the streaming revolution, changing the way that people enjoy movies and shows and triggering the creation of many other streaming services.

In the past, Netflix was the No. 1 choice for on-demand content, but, with so many other services out there nowadays, is Netflix still worth your time and money in 2024? Let’s find out all about this platform with our in-depth Netflix review.

Netflix Standard with Ads

$6.99 / month
Stream on two screens
On demand content
HD video quality
Downloads on up to two devices

Netflix Standard

$15.49 / month
No ads
Stream on two screens
HD video quality
Downloads on up to two devices

Netflix Premium

$22.99 / month
No ads
Stream on four screens
HD and 4K video quality
Downloads on up to six devices

What content does Netflix have?

Netflix is famous for its content. It has one of the biggest on-demand streaming libraries in the world. You won't find any live channels here, but in terms of on-demand shows, movies, and documentaries, Netflix has got you covered.

From cult sci-fi hits like Stranger Things to otherworldly comedies like Russian Doll and coming-of-age comedy horrors like Wednesday, Netflix has got something for everyone. It also has plenty of international hits, like Lupin from France and Squid Game from South Korea.

In terms of movies, Netflix continues to impress with everything from thrillers like The Pale Blue Eye to comedy mysteries like Glass Onion and Knives Out. It’s also got lots of popular documentaries, especially in the true crime department, like Making a Murderer.

Netflix interface and usability

Some streaming services can be tricky to use, with confusing menus and awkward interfaces, but Netflix isn’t one of them. In fact, this streaming service has one of the best designs around and is super easy to navigate, even for total beginners.

No matter what device you use, you should have an easy time when watching things on Netflix. The home screen shows you recommended content, along with your watch list, which you can add things to with the click of a button.

You can scroll down to see the latest releases or hottest content via the Netflix Top 10, as well as viewing the best shows and movies in various categories, like Comedy or Drama. You can also use the search bar and category buttons to narrow your search down.

Netflix compared to other services

Netflix may have been one of the first major streaming services, but these days, it’s just one of many options for people who want to watch on-demand content. So, how does it stack up when compared to the likes of Hulu, Disney+, and Max? The table below shows how these streaming services compare:

Monthly PriceFrom $6.99From $7.99From $7.99$9.99
Free TrialNo30-dayNoNo
On Demand Movies and ShowsYesYesYesYes
Original ContentYesYesYesYes
Live TV ChannelsNoVia Hulu + Live TVNoNo
Number of StreamsUp to 4243

Netflix has excellent original content

Since there are so many different streaming platforms out there nowadays, one of the main factors that separate them is their original content. A lot of people sign up to Disney+ because of its Marvel and Star Wars films and shows, for example, but what about Netflix?

Well, Netflix has consistently delivered in the original content department. This platform first made a name for itself with original shows like House of Cards and has continued in that vein, giving us everything from Black Mirror to Ozark, The Witcher, and The Crown.

Netflix has excellent device compatibility

Another excellent aspect of Netflix that makes it stand out when compared to other streaming services is how well it works across a wide range of devices. You can watch this service on almost anything.

It runs smoothly on smart TVs from big brands like LG and Samsung, for example, as well as living room devices like Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV. You can also use Netflix on your phone or tablet with its handy mobile apps, as well as on video game consoles. As well, like most streaming services, Netflix lets one account stream to multiple screens at the same time.

Netflix lacks live content

Users shouldn’t sign up for Netflix expecting any kind of live content. Unlike the likes of Philo and Sling TV, Netflix doesn’t have any live channels, so it’s not really a cable alternative, and you won’t be able to watch any live shows or sporting events on this platform.

Instead, this platform is purely an on-demand one. It has a library of shows and movies you can watch and access at any time, with new content added to the service on a regular basis in all different genres, from true crime documentaries to comedy shows and family-friendly films.

Netflix is pretty pricey at the top level

In terms of price, Netflix has made strides to offer a range of pricing plans that suit all customers. If you want to save the most money and are willing to watch ads, you can sign up for Netflix’s cheapest Basic plan, but you’ll miss out on several features.

If you want to enjoy ad-free streaming in 4K quality, along with simultaneous streaming on up to four different devices, you’ll have to sign up for the most expensive plan. And, at $19.99 per month, it’s definitely one of the most expensive options when compared to the likes of Disney+ or Hulu.

Our takeaway: Netflix is still a super streaming service

There was once a time when Netflix was one of the only on-demand streaming services available. These days, things have changed a lot, and it’s no longer the de facto choice, with plenty of other options out there like Amazon Prime Video and Disney+.

Netflix has had to move with the times and keep up with these increasingly intense levels of competition, but it’s done a really good job of that. The quality of content on this service is still excellent, and while it’s a little more expensive nowadays, it still ranks as one of the top platforms to choose.

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