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Great American Pure Flix Review 2024

By Staff, Deja Harris• Edited by Lisa Holden • Updated Dec 04, 2023

You don’t need cable to enjoy premium live TV or stream movies, TV shows, and other content types. Apart from streaming platforms that focus on the general audience, we also have thematic services with specific content. Great American Pure Flix (or simply, Pure Flix) belongs to that type, with its main purpose being faith and family motives.

Pure Flix curates content to make it suitable for all ages, and that’s clear right from the start. From different family-friendly and faith-related topics to describing the content of movies and TV shows to ensure you know what to expect, the focus is on ensuring nobody sees something unsuitable for their age or preference.

If that sounds interesting, check out this detailed Great American Pure Flix review and comparison to other companies. You’ll learn more about the platform and whether it’s worth trying!

What content does Great American Pure Flix have?

On-demand content is the focus of Great American Pure Flix, so there’ll be no live TV here and the platform doesn’t offer linear TV channels. It does, however, have over 7,500 titles in its libraries, including hundreds of exclusives.

Pure Flix focuses on VOD content because it takes great control of what you can watch on this platform. The content offered is focused on faith and family-friendly movies and series. It’s a specialized VOD platform available at a low price.

You can try out Great American Pure Flix at no charge using the seven-day free trial. If the platform doesn’t perform to your expectations, you can easily cancel it before the trial period ends using our guide found here.

What are Great American Pure Flix’s interface and usability like?

The homepage offers a neat slogan that explains well what it is that Pure Flix offers. With the slogan “Have faith in your entertainment”, you are told that you can trust that the platform will curate the content to fit family-friendly and faith-based expectations.

Source: Great American Pure Flix

There are shortcuts to starting a free trial or signing into your account if you are already registered on Pure Flix. You can see the sitemap and access the desired page from the bottom menu. All relevant pages are available with virtually a single click. Whether you want to learn about membership plans or supported devices, you’ll easily navigate the website.

Great American Pure Flix allows browsing the content without registering, which is convenient. You can browse from 20+ different genres, including an entire section dedicated to kid-friendly content.

Source: Great American Pure Flix

If you open the profile page of a particular movie, you’ll see its brief description and links to a trailer and social networks if you want to share the content. You can also add the title to your favorites for easier access.

Source: Great American Pure Flix

How does Great American Pure Flix compare to other services?

Great American Pure Flix is a specialized video-on-demand streaming platform, so it doesn’t cater to the general audience. If you find yourself interested in this service’s content, it might be helpful to know how it compares to similar platforms. Here’s a brief overview of a few of the top VOD and live TV competitors, so you can see what makes Great American Pure Flix worth your while!

Pure FlixDisney+Amazon Prime VideoSling TV
Free TrialYes (7 days)NoYes (30 days)No
On-Demand Movies and ShowsYesYesYesYes
Original ContentYesYesYesYes
Live TV Channels00With add-onsUp to 120
Number of Streams5433


Free for 7 days

$10.99 / month

Find more details on pricing in this article.

Great American Pure Flix has loads of original content

Great American Pure Flix has hundreds of original titles, including original movies, shows based on true stories, and documentaries. For example, you can watch Heaven Sent, a fun romantic comedy, or a touching drama like Moonrise. Awarded independent films, such as 5,000 Blankets, are also available, as well as intriguing movies like Escape, which follows a couple starting over in Thailand.

The generous range of exclusive content is impressive, but you shouldn’t expect loads of premium movies and TV shows on Pure Flix. If you are looking for box office hits, streamers like Disney+ or HBO Max would be better suited for your needs. But if faith-and-family-based content is your cup of tea, Pure Flix is an excellent choice.

Great American Pure Flix has excellent device support and up to five simultaneous streams

Here’s a quick rundown of devices where you can watch Great American Pure Flix:

  • Smart TVs. Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku Smart TV, and those made by Samsung, Sony, and LG are all supported, as well as those running the Android operating system.
  • Mobile devices and tablets. Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, and Amazon Fire tablets are all on the list.
  • Streaming devices and consoles. You can enjoy watching Pure Flix on Chromecast and Roku, as well as Microsoft Xbox One.

You can also access Pure Flix from a web browser on any desktop computer or laptop. You can simultaneously stream on up to five devices, which is impressive compared to similar streaming platforms.

The MovieGuide Feature is very useful when deciding if a child can watch the movie

Great American Pure Flix offers content suitable for all ages and puts it in different age-based categories. Most movies come with the MovieGuide feature, which recommends the age range and rates of language, nudity, sex, or violence in the title.

Source: Great American Pure Flix

You can also read about the sensitive topics or scenes that may exist in a program, such as scenes with violence, mentions and/or portrayals of drugs and alcohol, or even scenes with religious views that may feel sensitive to a viewer. It can be a very useful tool for parents who want to ensure their kids don’t see anything inappropriate.

Our takeaway: Great American Pure Flix is a wise choice for the right audience

Great American Pure Flix doesn’t aim at a general audience and the platform prides itself on that. Instead, the service focuses on offering curated VOD content to those who enjoy watching titles that prioritize certain values. The platform is loaded with animated movies for different ages and has family-friendly and faith-friendly features that help ensure that you and your family can avoid some topics and depictions that you may find undesirable in a film or TV show.

Utilize Pure Flix’s free trial to see if the platform might suit your preferences. If it does, we have no doubt that it will be worth the subscription.

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