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How To Watch Local Channels on Fubo 2023

By Staff, Deja Harris• Edited by Lisa Holden • Updated Nov 11, 2023

Fubo has lots of great channels. But can you watch your favorite local channels in Fubo and watch local news, sports, and other location-specific programming? The answer is “yes.” And in this guide from A Good Movie To Watch, we’ll be taking a look at the top local channels on Fubo and how you can watch them. Read on and get all the details.

What local channels does Fubo have?

Fubo has a pretty good lineup of local channels. As always, the channels you get depend on your area. Local broadcast networks are independent, and negotiate carriage with cable and internet TV companies separately – so your available networks depend on your location. With that being said, Fubo has all of the following local channels available in most areas:

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • Fox
  • NBC
  • The CW
  • Local Now
  • EstrellaTV
  • Telemundo
  • UniMas
  • Univision
  • MyNetworkTV
  • ME TV
  • Antenna TV
  • Comet TV

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How to find your local channels on Fubo?

As we mentioned earlier, local channels negotiate their own broadcasting rights with internet TV companies like Fubo. So just because Fubo carries Fox, that doesn’t necessarily mean they offer it in your specific geographic area. Here’s how to check your local channels on Fubo, and make sure you know which channels you’ll get before you sign up.

1. Go to their homepage and find the zip code checker tool.

Source: Fubo

First, click here to visit the Fubo homepage. Then, look for the zip code checker tool, as shown in the above image. Then, enter your zip code into this box and press “Enter” to update it with your current zip code.

2. Click “View All Channels”.

Source: Fubo

Once you've entered your zip code, click the button that says “View All Channels In [ZIP CODE], as shown in the above image.

3. See which channels are available in your area.

Source: Fubo

Once you click the button, a pop-up will appear showing all of the channels in your area, starting with your local channels. This is where you can see which local channels are available in your area.

Does Fubo have regional sports networks (RSNs) for local sports?

Yes. You can get the following RSNs with Fubo, and watch local MLB, NHL, and NBA games in your area, along with other sports coverage:

  • AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh
  • AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain
  • AT&T SportsNet Southwest
  • Marquee Sports Network
  • MSG
  • MSG+
  • NBC Sports Bay Area
  • NBC Sports Boston
  • NBC Sports California
  • NBC Sports California+
  • NBC Sports Chicago
  • NBC Sports Chicago+
  • NBC Sports Philadelphia
  • NBC Sports Philadelphia+
  • NBC Sports Washington
  • NESN
  • ROOT Sports Northwest
  • SNY - SportsNet New York

Unfortunately, Fubo lost its local Fox RSNs in early 2020. So if you live in an area where you need a Fox RSN to watch your favorite sports, you’ll be out of luck with Fubo. You may want to consider a different streaming service such as DirecTV Stream, which has all Fox RSNs, and lots of other RSNs, too.

Missing local channels with Fubo? Get a TV antenna!

Did you know that you can watch ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS, The CW, and tons of other local channels for free? All you need is a digital over-the-air (OTA) antenna. Even if you have Fubo and can get most of the local networks you need, you can pick up local channels that it doesn’t carry. You can use a service like Antennaweb to enter your zip code and see which local channels you can get for free with an OTA antenna.

Digital OTA antennas are inexpensive, and they're easy to use, too. You either mount them inside or outside your home, then connect them to your TV. Then, you simply scan for channels. Once you’re done, you can start watching broadcast networks like ABC, Fox, CBS, and NBC for free. The only thing you have to pay for is the initial cost of the OTA antenna, which is usually between $30 and $200, depending on the model you buy.

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