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How to Stream and Watch PPV Events Without Cable

By Staff• Edited by Lisa Holden • Updated Jun 01, 2023

Cord cutters who still want to watch their favorite pay-per-view events should be glad to know that numerous options are available on streaming services.

Platforms like ESPN+, Sling TV, Peacock, Showtime, B/R Live, DAZN, Fite.TV, and Amazon Prime Video offer an array of PPV events—including boxing, MMA, professional wrestling, and live concerts.

In this article, we’ll help you choose the streaming service that best fits your overall viewing and PPV preferences.

1. Watch PPV Events on Sling TV

Some of the events through Sling TV include boxing, MMA, wrestling, Formula 1, and special sporting events.

Sling TV Plans & Prices

Sling Orange

Best for Sports and Families

$40 / month
30+ Channels
1 simultaneous stream
45+ Channels
3 simultaneous stream
50+ Channels
4* simultaneous stream

Sling TV Channels

Your channel options will vary depending on your chosen package. The most basic, Sling Orange, unlocks ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and Stadium. Meanwhile, Sling Blue unlocks NBC Sports, NBCSN, Stadium, and the NFL Network.

For the complete list of Sling TV channels, check out our guide to the updated Sling TV channels list for 2022.

Sling TV Device Support

  • Smart TVs - Samsung Smart TVs (select models), LG TV (select models), Android TV,
  • TV streaming media players - Chromecast, Apple TV (4th generation and up), Amazon Fire TV, AirTV,
  • Smartphones and tablets - Amazon Fire tablets, Android 4.4 and up, iOS 11 and up, iPad,
  • Game consoles - Xbox (select models)
  • Desktops and laptops - Streaming on Chrome is recommended for Mac and Windows

2. Watch PPV Events on ESPN+

ESPN+ has sole broadcasting rights over UFC events in the United States, which makes it a preferred streaming service of UFC fans. All of the main UFC fights are broadcast through ESPN+ Pay-Per-View.

ESPN+ Plans & Prices

Live sports and ESPN+ originals
Thousands of live events

ESPN+ Channels

No separate channels are available. Subscribers will gain access to pay-per-views as they become available.

ESPN+ Device Support

  • Smart TVs - Android TV, Samsung TV (select models),
  • TV streaming media players - Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV,
  • Smartphones and tablets - Amazon Fire Tablets, iOS, Android, iPad,
  • Game consoles - PlayStation 4, Xbox One,
  • Desktops and laptops - Most Mac and PC browsers
  • Wearable tech - Oculus Go

3. Watch PPV Events on Peacock

Peacock is a great streaming service to use for those who are looking to watch WWE events, including the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, and SummerSlam.

Peacock Plans & Prices

Live and on-demand titles
Exclusive content like The Office
Premier League
No ads
Exclusive content like The Office
Premier League
Live and on-demand titles

To access the WWE matches (including WWE PPVs), you’ll need to subscribe to either Peacock Premium or Premium Plus. Paying subscribers won’t have to pay an additional fee to access the WWE PPVs.

Peacock Channels

Peacock has over 50 channels, including the Olympic Channel and NBC Sports on Peacock.

Peacock Device Support

  • Smart TVs - Samsung Smart TV (2017 and up), Apple TV, Android TV,
  • TV streaming media players - Roku (4210X model only) Roku 3 & 4 (model 4200X and up), Vizio SmartCast, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast,
  • Smartphones and tablets - Android (OS 6.0 and up), iPhones and iPads with iOS 11 and up,
  • Game consoles - PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One,
  • Desktops and laptops - All major browsers on Mac and Windows (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, MS Edge)

4. Watch PPV Events on Showtime

Showtime subscribers can order PPV boxing matches. These matches can be streamed on any cord-cutting service which carries Showtime. Check out Showtime’s official website for their boxing schedule.

Showtime Plans & Prices

Premium content
No ads
Full downloads

Showtime Channels

Showtime provides up to 16 multiplex channels, depending on the service provider.

Showtime Device Support

The supported devices will depend on your chosen streaming platform.

5. Watch PPV Events on B/R Live

B/R Live includes international soccer and select fighting sports (including All Elite Wrestling). B/R Live also streams content from the NBA, UEFA Champions League, NCAA, and PGA.

B/R Live Plans & Prices

B/R Live offers free access to limited content and select live events. Those who get the monthly pass (priced at $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year) have full access to all of B/R’s content.

The monthly NBA League Pass is priced at $28.99, while individual PPV events are priced at $2.99.

B/R Live Channels

B/R Live offers viewers thousands of live sporting events, including content from the NBA, the UEFA Champions League, NCAA, and PGA.

B/R Live Device Support

The B/R Live app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Smart TVs - Android TV, Apple TV,
  • TV streaming media players - Roku Ultra, Roku Express, Roku Premiere, Roku Stock, Amazon Fire TV,
  • Smartphones and tablets - iOS and Android devices
  • Game consoles - Xbox One
  • Desktops and laptops - Most Mac and PC browsers

6. Watch PPV Events on DAZN

DAZN offers a range of PPV events, but they’re most commonly used for streaming fights via its subscription model.

DAZN Plans & Prices

For $19.99 per month or $149.99 per year, subscribers get unlimited access to DAZN’s live and on-demand catalog.

DAZN Live Channels

All subscribers get access to the same package of content.

DAZN Live Device Support

  • Smart TVs - Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Roku TV, Vizio TV, Apple TV (4th generation),
  • TV streaming media players - Amazon Fire TV
  • Smartphones and tablets - Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, Amazon Fire Tablets,
  • Game consoles - PlayStation (4, 4 Pro, and 5), Xbox (One, One S, One X, Series S, and Series X)
  • Desktops and laptops - Most Mac and PC browsers

7. Watch PPV Events on Fite.TV

Fite.TV offers a much broader selection of PPV sporting events than many of its competitors. Subscribers get access to a wide range of international PPV events—including soccer, MMA, wrestling, boxing, motorsports, and live concerts.

Fite.TV Plans & Prices

The monthly subscription is priced at $4.99, while the yearly subscription is priced at $49.99. Both options come with a 7-day free trial.

Fite.TV Channels

The Fite.TV catalog is divided into three sections: MMA, Pro Wrestling, and Boxing.

Fite.TV Device Support

  • Smart TVs - LG TV, Samsung TV, Fire TV, Apple TV,
  • TV streaming media players - Chromecast, Roku, Vizio SmartCast,
  • Smartphones and tablets - Android, iPhones, and iPads,
  • Game consoles - Xbox One and Xbox 360, PlayStation 4,
  • Desktops and laptops - Most Mac and PC browsers

8. Watch PPV Events on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video subscribers can access UFC pay-per-views through Amazon’s channels feature, giving UFC fans yet another option to stream the big fight.

Amazon Prime Video Plans & Prices

Popular movies and TV
Award-winning Amazon Originals
Live events

Amazon Prime Video Channels

Amazon Prime Video gives subscribers access to more than 100 channels. Sports-focused channels that can be added to subscriptions include PGA Tour Live, Paramount+, and NBA League Pass.

Amazon Prime Video Device Support

  • Smart TVs - Sony TV, Samsung TV, Panasonic TV, LG TV, Vizio, Haier,
  • TV streaming media players - Amazon Fire TV/Fire TV Stick,
  • Smartphones and tablets - Fire Tablet, Fire Phone, Android, iOS
  • Game consoles - PlayStation (3, 4, 4 Pro, and 5), Xbox (Series X, Series S, 360, One),
  • Desktops and laptops - Most Mac and PC browsers (the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera)

We hope that this article has given you a few options to stream and watch PPV events without cable that work for you and your PPV needs.

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