Suggest A Movie aims to provide the user with a great movie they haven’t seen yet, that they can watch immediately and love. In the way, we fulfill our second goal of introducing back to the world amazing but overlooked efforts, helping move the film industry away from mass-marketing. We believe that movies should be judged on how good they are, not on their marketing budgets.

Most of our suggestions come from users like you. We have a tradition of reviews that sound like a friend telling you about the great movie they just watched. This means that we try to give a general “feel” of the film, avoiding excessive synopsis descriptions, talk about actors & directors, etc. Here you can carry on with that tradition and tell the world about a movie you love too!

Movie suggestions should preferably meet the following conditions:

1-The movie should have been released AFTER Thriller (1982). If Billie Jean was not a thing when the movie was released, then that’s a bit too old for our tastes.

2-At least a 7 rating on IMDB and 70% on Rotten Tomatoes There’s some wiggle room for this, but remember, we’re looking for good movies and not so-bad-they’re-good movies.

3- Movies should not be well-known (relatively). Everyone’s seen Ghostbusters. Share something that’ll surprise us.

Thanks for the submission!