This is the last time you will ever wonder what to watch.
A Good Movie to Watch suggests highly-rated, little-known films: movies you haven’t yet watched, which you will love.

How it works


We handpick movies that received high ratings both from viewers and critics. In other words, really good movies.


We narrow them down to those that didn't make a huge splash at the box office. This way not only are the movies great, but you haven't seen them yet.

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Find the perfect movie for you by genre, mood or 'with'. Keep in mind that we don't add a movie unless it is good, you can't go wrong.


When you're not sure what to watch, you are not looking for just any movie. What you need is a movie that you know will be good, even though you've never laid eyes on it. Well, we made a database just for you. Welcome! A Good Movie to Watch is all about finding you great movies you’ve never heard of but will absolutely love, what we call “highly-rated, little-known”. Our main goal is to gather these movies in one place and showcase them to you without a lot of fuss. Prepare to give up wondering what to watch and discover amazing movies.