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agoodmovietowatch recommends highly-rated but little-known movies and shows.


About agoodmovietowatch

Streaming, independently curated.

What is it 

agoodmovietowatch suggests highly-rated yet little-known movies and shows.

Why highly-rated and little-known

Highly-rated: so that you know they’re good, and little-known: so there is little chance you’ve already seen them.

Our movies and shows all hold a viewer score higher than 70% (7/10 on IMDb for example) and at the same time a critic score higher than 70% (on Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, etc).

We also hunt down movies and shows that have low voting counts on those same platforms. That’s how we gauge the little-known criteria.

Why no algorithms

Netflix’s algorithm is a corporate algorithm. It’s often more interested in selling you what Netflix spent money on rather than recommending what’s actually good. 

Not to mention, recommendation algorithms suggest content based on your past viewing. This means that you’ll rarely get exposed to new things outside of your pallet. We believe that being challenged by something new is always better than being told what to watch by a robot. 

agoodmovietowatch is 100% human-curated. If you see it here, we’ve watched it and completely vouch for it.

 Who we are

My name is Bilal, I learned English through movies growing up in Morocco.

I founded agoodmovietowatch a few years ago, I also write the premium newsletter every week. 

I put in it the best things I watch, together with an overview of what’s expiring and new but worth your time.

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I am helped by a few other curators and a lovely editor. The design concept for the website was done by Sheena Antonios. All drawings on the website and the newsletter are done by @aahermit.

Did you say newsletter

Yes, I did. Subscriptions from our premium newsletter are how we make this work.

Joining our premium subscribers will not only support our project, it’s the best way to stay up to date with the latest on Netflix and Amazon Prime that’s worth your time.

Why isn’t this website perfect

We’re still figuring things out but we’re getting better with each day, and with your help, we can be perfect. If you see something you don’t like, please let us know using the feedback link below. To help with our funding, please consider becoming a premium subscriber to our newsletter, or directly donating an amount of your choosing. 

How can I get in touch

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