Guides on Cord-cutting

How to get rid of obscenely expensive cable bills while keeping access to the things you love to watch.

wrote about a technique to make the most out of your streaming subscriptions while saving a lot of money (I calculated I save $375 each year by doing this): rotating subscriptions. 

We all watch a maximum of two to three shows each month, and those are usually on the same platform, so why keep all the other subscriptions if you're not using them? My trick is to get one new streaming platform every month, and cancel whatever one I had the month before. I try to never have more than one subscription at a time. You save money, you reduce your options because you have less to choose from (something called "paradox of choice"), and you're always exposed to new platforms. 

So if you're thinking of something similar, here is a great place to start: choosing streaming services not by theme, but by which one is cheapest. This way maybe you can get something that's a little outside of your usual tastes, but it still won't cost you a lot. Or if you're on a budget and wonder which streaming service to get, this is also for you. 

here the best streaming services that still offer free trials. 

Unlike free trials, which are rarer and rarer, bundles look like the future of streaming and cord-cutting. The abundance of streaming apps makes it harder for us to keep track of all our expenses, and bundles are a great answer to this problem. 

Streaming services that offer bundles are: Philo (live TV + on-demand content), Disney+ (bundled with Hulu and ESPN+), Paramount+ (CBS live TV + on-demande content), Hulu with Live TV (live TV + on-demand), and a few others. 

With this guide, we hope to create the most comprehensive list of bundle deals. As more get announced with streaming services, we will keep adding them. 

We've also made sure to indicate which ones offer a free trial (twice the deal!), and which are available on which device. 

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