Captain Fantastic 2016 / Viggo Mortensen as a father who lives with his family off-grid


A couple decides to raise their six children in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, far from modern culture. They teach them how to raise and kill their own food, how to live in nature, but also give them classes on literature, politics, and music. The family drills boot camp-like workouts and climbs rock faces to create physical endurance. Then the wilderness adventure comes to an abrupt halt with a telephone call, and the family enters the world — with hilarious and sorrowful results. Emotionally raw and honest, with terrific performances by Viggo Mortensen, George MacKay and the entire cast of “children.”

    The 345 Critic

    VIEWER BEWARE....This is NOT a comedy! I had just watched a horror flick and wanted to end the night with a laugh so I clicked on Genre/Comedy. (which is precisely where I found this...under the category of comedy) I hadn't seen this so gave it a whirl hoping for some laughs. To say the very least, they did not come. The disappointment of not having any laughs is completely gone as this was a Fantastic (pun intended) movie! The cast in this movie were all picked to perfection. The story was very well balanced and one could very well see this scene playing out in real life. Once it got rolling, I didn't want the movie to end and I LOVE movies like that. No spoiler, but the ending is just what the movie deserved. TIP: Watch this movie with a friend so you can talk about it after. I would give this movie a 4.5 but since the website had me fooled with it being listed under comedy...I'll pencil in a 4 star. ** SIDE NOTE Most comedy/dramas (in my opinion) should be watched going into with the thought process that it will be a serious movie with the possibility of a laugh or two scattered throughout. 4 people liked this review.

    Abby Nardo

    So excellent! What a fascinating cast of characters, and a really touching story. 3 people liked this review.

    Michael Rogers

    Absolutely fantastic movie. Fell in love Viggo Mortensen all over again. Happpy Noam Chomsky Day! 3 people liked this review.


    AGAIN NOT A COMEDY! But a great movie. I agree with 345 0 people liked this review.


    This one is extremely different from other films I've seen in the past. It's actually quite sad, with a few chuckles in between. It's definitely worth viewing. -1 people liked this review.

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