3 Best Apple TV+ Bundles

Apple is notoriously protective of its ecosystem, hence the frustrating absence of audio jacks and USB ports on its hardware. That could explain why, while bundles are all the rage in streaming right now, Apple TV+ isn't really riding on the trend. But just because they are few and far between, doesn't mean they're nonexistent. In this list, we're rounding up the best bundles that come with Apple TV+. Of course, Apple has its in-house bundle, the Apple One bundle, but Xfinity and T-Mobile also have their own deals that might suit your streaming needs better. You can read all about them in our brief guide below.
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Much like its longstanding "Netflix On Us" bundle, T-Mobile's "Apple TV+ On Us" bundle gives select customers a free subscription to Apple TV+. Specifically, those with Go5G Next or Go5G Plus lines in good standing are eligible to watch all of Apple TV+'s original films and TV shows at no additional cost and share their subscriptions with up to five other people. In all, the bundle saves you up to $10 each month. Meanwhile, customers of T-Mobile's Go5G plan, while not eligible for a free Apple TV+ subscription, are qualified for a six-month free trial. After that, the plan automatically renews at $9.99/month unless canceled. 

Price: free for channels available

Device availability: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, Roku TV, Samsung TV

For the first time, Apple TV+, Peacock, and the usually deal-shy Netflix are partnering to create an affordable bundle exclusively available to Xfinity customers. Called the Xfinity StreamSaver, the bundle combines Peacock and Netflix's ad-supported plans with Apple TV+ for just $15/month, which is 30% less than the actual price of subscribing to them individually. Of course, each platform has its own set of popular originals, from Ted Lasso to The Traitors to Bridgerton, but this bundle is also a plus for live sports fans who'll get access to MLB on Apple TV+, Premier League and Big Ten on Peacock, and starting 2025, WWE and NFL on Netflix. You might have to cancel your current subscription to Peacock to enjoy this bundle, but you're free to use your login credentials for AppleTV+ and Netflix. And if you want more live TV options, you can also look to Xfinity's NOW TV StreamSaver bundle for $30/month.

Price: Varies depending on your location and account history.

If you're deep into the Apple ecosystem, you'll be glad to know you can save up to $9 every month with the Apple One bundle. It combines Apple TV+, Apple Music, iCloud+ (50GB storage), and Apple Arcade for just $19.95/month, which is 43% less than if you subscribe to these services individually. Apple One offers a month-long free trial for services you don't already have, and it also automatically cancels existing subscriptions and transfers them under its plan once you're on the Apple One billing.

Price: $19.95/month

Free Trial: 30 days

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