12 Best Bundles for Streaming Services in the UK

There is no shortage of streaming services in the UK. In fact, there always seems to be a new one coming up, especially as TV providers like Virgin Media and Sky slowly join in on the race. It's easier, then, to lose track of just how many subscriptions we're on and the overlaps between them.

That's where bundles come in handy: plenty of services out there offer two-in-one or even three-in-one deals that allow you to save up on your spending and keep better track of your streaming apps. The most popular bundles are offered by Now, and understandably so: the service makes it easy to understand that you can mix and match their Cinema, Entertainment, Hayu, and Sports passes into bundles. If you're on BT, BT TV also has nifty bundles that cover Now channels, Netflix, Eurosport, BT Sport, and AMC. 

Below are the best bundles available right now.

TalkTalk TV is a streaming service that gives you access to live TV as well as on-demand players like Netflix and Now. While TalkTalk TV doesn't actually offer those on-demand players for free, it does give you the option to bundle your existing on-demand subscriptions with a broadband plan so that you end up paying just one bill for everything at the end of the month. Aside from this, you can easily navigate on-demand players like Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer on TalkTalk TV

Now, the catch is that you'll need an aerial reception to access TalkTalk TV's 70+ live TV channels. But even without one, TalkTalk TV remains functional and, if you sign up for it, Now Sports broadcasts 11 Sky Sports channels live. 

Because you can pick and choose which services to include each month, costs vary for a TalkTalk TV subscription. But prices start at £5/month (excluding broadband) and pick up depending on what you add on.

Sky Sports is a wide-ranging and accessible streaming platform that’s available to watch as an add-on to your existing subscription. It carries eight different channels, including Premier League, F1 Racing, and News, which Sky subscribers can add to their package for an extra £18/month. 

It’s quite pricey for a specialized channel, so the true highlight of Sky Sports is its flexibility. You can avail of it regardless of which TV provider you’re subscribed to, and you can also choose to watch it via the official website and app. Now, for example, offers a monthly Sky Sports package you can cancel at any time for £39.99 as well as a daily pass that only costs £11.98.  The latter option is ideal if you’re looking to tune into a specific event and are uninterested in the hassle of a subscription. This one-off payment also gives you mobile access to stream five channels from the platform for nine months.

Not to be confused with Sky TV, Sky Go is more of a complementary streaming service than a standalone streamer. Free for Sky TV customers (although unavailable to everyone else), it gives users access to over 200 channels and titles from the Sky catalog, on the go. This lets you maximize your Sky subscription to the fullest since you can access a host of shows, news, sports, and movies outside the telly. 

Sky Go will come in handy if you want more ways to watch and you’re an existing Sky subscriber, especially since it’s available for up to three devices. But it’s not ideal if you’re looking for a fully-fledged streaming service with its own content and channels.

Now offers plenty of different membership tiers depending on your needs. There's one for sports, TV, and even kids, but one of its most popular tiers is Now TV Cinema, a platform dedicated to streaming the best of current cinema. Here you'll find gems from Hollywood and beyond, from blockbusters and heavyweight franchises to beloved indies and classics. It's truly an impressive resource, perhaps one of the best in the UK. 

Before anything else, you'll need to have a Now account (signing up is free), but once that's sorted, you can then subscribe to Now TV Cinema for £9.99/month. Apart from 1,000 movies to watch on demand, you'll also gain access to 11 live TV channels, including Sky Cinema Premiere and Hits, among many others.

Now TV (or simply Now) is Sky TV's standalone and contract-free streaming service. It features the best of the Sky Channel, but in specialized membership formats that you can choose according to your viewing needs. As of this writing, this includes a cinema pass for £9.99/month (perfect for cinephiles), an entertainment pass for £9.99/month (perfect for TV lovers), a Hayu pass for £4.99/month (perfect for reality show enthusiasts), and finally, a kids pass for £3.99/month (perfect for the little ones). You can subscribe to one of these passes or bundle them together and add extra channels like Sky Sports. 

If you prefer to have the fat trimmed off of your choices, you'll appreciate this specialized approach to streaming. But you have to be careful about the expenses, which can stack up via add-ons. You’ll also have to have what’s called a Boost upgrade if you want to unlock 1080p streaming (the standard is 720p) and access simultaneous streaming for up to three devices (the standard is two devices). 

It seems tricky, but once you get the hang of Now, it’s actually a top-notch service with quality programming. 

For the longest time, Netflix has remained undefeated in the streaming stratosphere. It solidified its top position by providing an endless catalog of original films and TV shows and by taking risky moves early on, like allowing offline viewing and releasing interactive games. 

However, amid rising competition, Netflix has had to make a few changes to its iconic viewing experience. For one, it now has an ad-supported tier, which cord-cutters on a budget can subscribe to for £4.99/month. Under this plan, you can expect to see four to five minutes of advertising per hour of viewing. But Netflix’s basic plan, which allows one device to watch ad-free at any given time, still costs £6.99. Meanwhile, the standard and premium plans are still priced at £10.99 and £15.99, respectively (the latter offers 4k quality for that extra crisp viewing experience). 

With an extensive media library and affordable price plans to boot, Netflix remains a great option for streaming and binging.

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Previously known as Starzplay, Lionsgate+ is an on-demand streaming service that can be accessed as a standalone service or as a subscription add-on to existing platforms like Amazon Prime, Roku, and Virgin TV. Either way, it's available to try for free across multiple devices.

While Lionsgate doesn’t quite have the breadth of options that Netflix and Amazon Prime have, it offers quality titles from many studios around the world (but particularly from America) and if often does so exclusively. It’s home to the critically acclaimed series Gaslit and Outlander from Starz, as well as Station Eleven and Tokyo Vice from HBO. At £5.99 a month, Lionsgate is certainly worth checking out if you're a fan of popular and well-received TV shows and films, especially those coming from the other side of the pond.

You can say what you want about reality TV, but it’s hard to beat the fact that no other type of show can satisfy your drama cravings quite like it. Whether you’re watching a cooking competition or a dating series, there’s something addictively thrilling about the outbursts and meltdowns that go down in these shows. 

Hayu is an on-demand streaming service dedicated to all things reality TV. It features up to 300 shows, most of which stream on the same day as the US and all of which you can access on major streaming devices. Here, you'll find all 20 seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as well as multiple iterations of The Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, and Top Chef. It’s not bad at £4.99/month, but if you’re still not sure whether it warrants a monthly subscription, you can try their seven-day free trial to test it out.

Home to various international sporting events, including the Olympic Games in some areas, Eurosport is one of the premier sports networks in the UK. Its coverage is vast and includes the Grand Slam tennis tournaments, as well as snooker, cycling, and motorsports competitions. 

For cord-cutters, Eurosport is available as an add-on to Discovery Plus, Amazon Prime Video, BT Sports, Sky Sports, and Virgin Media. If your streaming device is already linked to either of these platforms, then Eurosport comes as a convenient option for you. Across platforms, the price is a consistent £6.99/month, but yearly costs may vary and reach up to £59.99/year. It's worth checking out if you're a sports fanatic who can't get enough of the games.

Exclusive to BT broadband subscribers, BT TV is a platform that brings together streaming services, live channels, and other viewing apps altogether in one place. The specific services and channels vary depending on the BT TV package you select, but BT mainly offers content from two categories: sports and entertainment. Packages start at £17/month for sports (which include BT Sport and Sky Sports channels) and £18/month for entertainment packages (which include NOW Entertainment channels like Sky Atlantic and Sky Max). A VIP package that combines both sports and entertainment is also available for £75/month. Conveniently, you can change your preferred package monthly and pay for it on top of your BT internet bill. 

Apart from a BT connection, you'll also need to have a BT TV Box to connect to BT TV. While the box comes at no extra cost, there is an activation fee of £30 plus a delivery charge of £9.99. Needless to say, it's a hefty price to pay. But if you're looking to pay all your bills in one go and prefer to have your viewing options streamlined, then BT TV is certainly worth considering.

BT Sports is a sports-focused streaming service that has rights to the UEFA Champions League until 2027, as well as access to 52 live Premier League games per season, UFC matches, and Eurosport channels 1 and 2. 

If you're already subscribed to BT's internet service, you can simply add BT Sports to your existing deal for either £17 or £42 a month (Sky Sports channels are included in the latter tier). But if you're not interested in a BT broadband subscription, you can access a contract-free pass that gives you much of the same content for £29.99/month. All packages include access to discovery+ at no extra cost.

Given its accessibility and range of coverage, there's no reason you shouldn't consider adding BT Sports to your streaming lineup, especially if you're a sports fan. 

Thanks to its ubiquity and near-unlimited budget, Amazon Prime Video has the biggest media library in the streaming world, making it an alluring option for cord-cutters. It has everything from b-movies to blockbusters, not to mention an in-house catalog that boasts, among others, award-winning shows like The Boys, Fleabag, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. 

It’s convenient to access, too, since you can subscribe to it as a standalone service for £5.99/month, or pay £8.99/month for the entire Amazon Prime package, which includes access to Amazon music and books, as well as their one-day delivery feature. 

The only drawback might have to be its interface, which isn’t as sleek as, say, Netflix or Disney+, although its 4k viewing and download options more than make up for that. Overall, Amazon Prime Video is a neat service that’s well-worth subscribing to especially if you’re a fan of having plenty of things to choose from.

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