40 Best Streaming Services in the UK

The reign of cord-cutting in the UK has been a long time coming. After years of sky-high costs and months-long contracts, it makes sense for viewers to replace clunky cables with the leaner and cheaper experience that streaming brings. With streaming, not only are costs slashed in half, the choices are also plentiful, customizable, and catered to your specific needs. You can also renew streaming subscriptions monthly so that you're not tied down to just one provider for an entire year or more.  

Streaming has become so ubiquitous that even the cable companies like Virgin Media and Sky are jumping ship and providing their own cordless streaming services. Pretty soon, there will be nary a cable in sight, so to guide you through this transition, we've compiled streaming services available right now in the UK. We've included pertinent details like price, channel lineup, and device compatibility to help you make an informed decision. Some services, like Netflix and Disney+ are on-demand services that allow you to watch programmes anytime you want, while others, like ITVX and Viaplay, are live TV services that give you access to news, sports, and entertainment channels in realtime (provided you have a TV licence, that is). Without further ado, here are the best streaming services in the UK. 

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