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Kings of Summer 2013 / Now On Amazon Prime


A quirky and lovely coming of age film, the Kings of Summer celebrates the beauty and madness of adolescence and the sheer joy of long summer days. The plot follows three teenage friends, who, in the ultimate act of independence, decide to spend their summer building a house in the woods and living off the land. The house soon becomes a microcosm of their relationships with each other and the world at large, prompting conflict and mirroring their own transformations as they grow. Simple yet powerful, the Kings of Summer has a lot to say.

Written By: Mark Ficklen

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What a cute, strange, and funny little film. I enjoyed it!


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  • Genre

    Comedy, Drama
  • Mood

    Affectionate, Funny, Relatable, Smart, Sweet, Warm
  • Starring

    Gabriel Basso, Moises Arias, Nick Robinson
  • Directed by

    Jordan Vogt-Roberts
  • Written by

    Chris Galletta
  • Runtime

    94 minutes