Love Again (2023)

Love Again (2023)


This romcom, while cute, doesn’t have the charm or wits to pull off the genre’s many cliches



United States of America
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Arinzé Kene, Celia Imrie, Céline Dion
104 min


Celine Dion is a glowing presence, but it’s never a good sign for a cameo to be the best part of a movie.

What it's about

Two years after losing her boyfriend to an accident, Mira (Priyanka Chopra) decides to send text messages to his old number, not realizing that it’s been reassigned to Rob (Sam Heughan), who himself is still reeling from a massive breakup; feeling an instant connection, Rob decides to learn more about Mira.

The take

Love Again is cute. It’s cheesy and predictable, but it’s cute. Chopra makes for a fine leading lady who is able to switch between sorrow and sappy in a heartbeat. Heughan, though painfully generic, isn’t all that bad either; his hopelessly awkward attempts at getting Mira’s attention provides much of the film’s needed laughs. But outside of the bare minimum, Love Again doesn’t give us anything of value. The jokes are few and far between and the chemistry, if you can believe it, is even thinner. And for two people who are supposedly writers (Mira is children book’s author and Rob is a music journalist), none of their writings, much less their texts to one another, are particularly good. 

What stands out

While it’s completely out of the realm of possibility for Celine Dion to coach a random journalist in love, the scene still stands out as an authentic moment, maybe the only one in this otherwise derivative movie. In advising Rob and later Mira, Dion mines from personal experience and talks about how she continues to grieve the passing of her real-life partner, Réne. Celebrity cameos, especially ones where they play themselves, are often injected in the movie for pure comedic relief, but Celine seems to do more than just provide awws and laughs here. In the few minutes she’s on, she gives absolute heart, which is more than what the leads can say.


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