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The Lunchbox 2013


“Sometimes even the wrong train takes you to the right destination”. An Indian housewife dealing with her cheating husband and dying father seeks love, attention and appreciation through her cooking. By mistake, the lunchbox she sends to her husband through the famous delivery system of Mumbai is delivered to the wrong address, sparking an unlikely and unique romance through letters packed along with lunch every day. A very sweet, emotional and refreshing movie.

Written By: novelist

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  • Genre

    Drama, Romance
  • Mood

    Affectionate, Easy, Happy, Heart-warming, Romantic, Satisfying, Warm
  • Starring

    Irrfan Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Nimrat Kaur
  • Directed by

    Ritesh Batra
  • Written by

    Ritesh Batra