Han River Police

Han River Police

A lighthearted police procedural set on the banks of Seoul’s Han River


TV Show

South Korea
Action & Adventure, Comedy
Bae Da-bin, Choi Moo-sung, Han Ji-hye

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Why is there only six episodes?

What it's about

Under the helm of the captain Do Hyun-il, the hotheaded Han Du-jin and the tired Lee Cheon-seok work to safeguard Seoul’s Han River from all possible threats, alongside their competent colleagues Do Na-hee and Kim Ji-soo.

The take

Most cop shows are set on land, but Han River Police is the rare police procedural set by the river. The K-drama takes a more action-comedy approach, with the comedy depending on the standard banter between cops. The unique setting presents new action sequences aside from regular brawls, with its ship accidents, evacuations, and underwater training scenes. However, while the action is fresh, and the team dynamics keep the show from being too serious, its stereotypical villains, as well as certain cops’ machismo, keeps the show from being totally unique. Han River Police still proves to be an entertaining watch, even if its stakes are familiar.

What stands out

Han River Police is a regular cop show, though its setting by the historical Seoul river makes the series showcase different scenes from what you’d expect from a police procedural. While the show has the same hijinks and shenanigans of team building, as well as the crimes, though ship-based, the riverside setting creates new versions of standard cop show scenes. Instead of weapons training or obstacle courses, the show has an underwater pool scene where the cops train to hold their breath while solving puzzles underwater. Instead of bomb threats, there are cruise ferry accidents that they have to deal with. These scenes present additional technical challenges, such as needing waterproof equipment and unique set pieces, alongside the regular filmmaking requirements. However, the show manages to juggle these well. New scenes like this help make the show feel different even if it has the same team dynamics of other cop shows.

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