Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

An inspired revival of the fun, inspirational, episodic format that made Star Trek a phenomenon in the first place

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TV Show

United States of America
Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Science Fiction
Anson Mount, Babs Olusanmokun, Celia Rose Gooding
54 min


The debate between Star Wars vs. Star Trek has officially been won by Captain Pike wearing an apron, serving his crew breakfast.

What it's about

Led by Captain Christopher Pike—an honorable Starfleet officer burdened by the foreknowledge of his own tragic fate—the crew of the USS Enterprise embark on missions to explore the galaxy.

The take

After struggling to recapture the magic of the first few Star Trek series for the better part of two decades, the franchise has finally returned to its original formula of self-contained space adventures, progressive politics, and an unabashedly hopeful tone—all to magnificent results. Strange New Worlds is classic Trek in every sense: from its truly out-there, '60s-style sci-fi stories; to its warm sense of humor; to its welcome focus on sentiment and emotion even amid large battles and dangerous situations. The series accomplishes all of this while keeping every member of its crew unique and charismatic, crafting powerful character moments for them even in the thick of things—elevated by uniformly brilliant performances from its cast, led by a commanding Anson Mount. It's Star Trek for old and new fans alike, and a great reminder of the distinct strengths of episodic TV.

What stands out

There are far too many moments to choose from among Strange New World's many different adventures, but the thing that really ties these episodes together—and the thing that should cement the series as a classic for the foreseeable future—is the easygoing chemistry among the core cast of characters, especially during ordinary moments. The set pieces and the high-stakes missions are certainly memorable, but nothing is better than watching two formerly serious officers goof off on the ship, or seeing the cast dress up in campy fantasy attire, or having Captain Pike brief his crew while washing the dishes. It's the little things.


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